The Lexicon of Slavegirl Positions 4

8703Part Three: Bondage Equipment.

In this section we illustrate and describe some of the more commonly used items of bondage equipment.


One of the most fundamental additions to the simple use of ropes or chains to restrain the struggling subject is a device for ensuring that you have a certain measure of peace and quiet while you do so.This may be ascertained by the use of one of several interesting devices known as gags.Whilst the subject,s panties can be stuffed into her mouth and held in peace,or rope can be used,some of the more purpose designed devices will produce a pronounced silencing effect and may have other desirable features such as additional humiliation value,causing loss of control through drooling,or keeping the mouth open for the dominant,s use and pleasure whilst denying speech to the submissive.

Here we describe some of the more common types of gag to be found in the Restrained Elegance store room,and in bdsm shops.

Satin Cleave or Cloth Gag,drawn tight:

A classic gag,looking very neat when drawn tight in the mouth without the use of a knott.It is very elegant and simple,but not very effective,producting at most a little muffing and no volume reduction.Its primary appeal is in its visual simplicity and elegant.It does provoke droling but this is absorbed by the material.

The sort of gag is usually pulled tight by the knot behind the head.If there is no tension in the material,it may fall out and could certainly be dislodged with effort.So it is essential that the knot be pulled tight.This also produces the charateristic attrative drawing in of the cloth at the corners of the mouth.

Silk Cleave or Cloth Gag,knotted:

A more bondage play appearance can be producted simply by tying an overhand knot in the middle of the rolled scarf before placing it in the slavegirl,s mouth.If neatly tied,the knot can emulate a ball gag in appearance whilst being softer and less obviously fetishist,a trat which favours its use in kidnap scenarios.

It is more effective than the simple drawn tight cleave gag,although again producing some muffling and reduction in intelligibility rather than outright volume reduction.However the possibilities of increasing the knot size by doubling and of pulling the knot further into the mouth by tying more tightly behind the haed to provide some additional silencing potential.

Unless tied very tightly behind the head,the give in the material may be enough to permit the slavegirl to dislodge the gag or push it out of her mouth with her tongue, which is not usually the desired effect.Experience shows that this sort of gag is actually easier to dislodge than the drawn tight variant,unless tied well.

Ball gag:

To many this item symbolises the entire bondage and fetish genre.Its iconic appearance in pulp fiction has had considerable impact on public perception. Although the whole episode in the film is utterly ludicrous,and along with the gimp very unfair to the gay bdsm scene where everybody seems to be a rapist or a murdering rapist.

The symbolism is fairly Obvious Рthe ball being a phallus/testicular substitute,and also having the pleasant effect of being considerable more effective in silencing it to wearer than a cloth gag.The ball is typically made  of rubber or plastic,allowing it to conform somewhat the to wearer,s mouth and making it more comfortable to wear. Prolonged use does tend to produce considerable jaw ache,but it is extremely useful as a disciplinary device and also as training for other activities where keeping the mouth with open is highly desirable.

Ball gags tend to produce considerable salivation,and in those prone to it the result is usually uncontrolled drooling.This effect is highly prized by many dominants because of the loss of control it produces the submissive cannot help herself,the drooling is involuntary and she cannot do anything to make herself stop.Care should be taken to prevent choking if the submissive is also tied in a position where the drool does not naturally drain,some ball gags used perforated balls to aid this drainage.

A correctly fitted ball gag,similair in size to the slavegirl,s mouth,snugly fitted behind the teeth and kept in position by a strap,will be extremely difficult to dislodge and also produces considerable muffing,to the extent that one needs to learn to speak – gag ese,rather fluently on the set of bondage productions.It still does not reduce the overall volume by a huge factor,but it makes delivering intelligible speech much more difficult.

Another major appeal of the ball gag is that many different colour combinations are now available,which makes for pleasing colour co-ordination.

Padded Leather Bit Gag:

Often overlooked,the paddle leather bit gag is only modeately effective but is comfortable for extended wear.It is usually considered less hardcore than a ball gag and is thus more often used in love bondage scenarios,or where the submissive may need to bite down on something.

Ring Gag:

The ring gag has even more overt sexual overtones than the ballgag or even than the cock gag in some ways.However given the size of the average slavegirl,s mouth and the consequent small diameter of the ring,it is often not actually possible to use the slavegirl,s mouth in the manner which the ring would seem at first glance to facilitate.

The ring gag has considerable limitations.The ring gag has to be of very solid contruction to avoid distortion or breaking under the plessure,which usually means steel.But steel on the teeth is an unpleasant sensation,and presumably does have more possibility for actual dental damage than would the soft rubber of a typical ball gag.So the ring is often paddled with leather or rubber,but this further reduces the already small inner diameter of the ring,and the padding eventually gets bitten through or worn out.The padded varieties do not usually look very good either.

However leaving these shortcomings aside,the ring gag produces a similar uncontrolled drooling to the ball gag in many slavegirls,and does look severe.It can be used for humiliation,try providing water in a bowl to be lapped up whilst wearing a ring gag for example.And the implication of constant readiness for oral seks is interesting,even if often defeated by the relative physical dimensions involved.

Ring gags do reduce overall volume by making it hard to form mouth shapes,and make intellible comment next to impossible.

Dental Gag:

There are many varieties of dental gags,but most work on a similar principle a ratchet designed to hold the mouth open.Sometimes there are additional means of preventing the apparatus from being dislodged,but often as in this example,the wideness of the gape produced is considered to be sufficient in and of itself to secure the gag.The primary purpose of all of these gags is to hold the subject mouth wide open and prevent her from claming down her jaws or bitting.The usefulness of this in sexual situations should be Obvious.They are not designed to muffle or to restrict volume,but some such effects are produced by the restriction of keeping the mouth so wide open.

Bit Gag:

The bit gag has its orginal in animal bits and bridles,and is frequently associated with pet and ponyplay as a result.The bit itself is usually constructed of a hard rubber or as here a moderately hard plastic.The slight give in these materials means that bitting down on the gag is more feasible here with harder alternatives such as the ring gag.They therefore make very good gags for use during stringent punishments where the slavegirl may wish to have something firm but not damaging to bite on during high severity correction.

Bit gags can produce some drooling,but generally are less prone to do so than are ball gags.They can be highly effective in preventing speech,but are usually less so in reducing overall volume.

Head Harness with ball gag:

This item is essentially a minor variation on the ball gag,the only differences from the classic ball on a strap,being that the ball is held much more securely in the mouth,also making it very hard to dislodge,and that the overall effect is even more fetishist.

These are a great idea,because they make a ball gag much,much harder to spit out. They feel more thoroughly bondage -y than most gags because of all the straps and buckles.I think some people find them a bit claustrophobic but i do like the sort of secure feeling of all the extra restraints.

Cock Gag:

Primarily used as a training method,the fact that the protrusion can go much further into the subject than most gags also means that it can be very effective in volume reduction,especially if it goes into her throat.Of course,any such large implement must be used carefully and the potentail consequences of choking carefully considered.

Oh dear,i,m a bit embarrassed about writing about these.But Master said i had to. This is probably my favorite type of gag,and the kind that i fantasise about wearing most often.It feels very similar to a ball gag but it invades my mouth further so its much sexier for me.The only thing i dont like,hmm never said this before,maybe i,ll erase it once i,ve written it.Is that they,re never very big,and i think they should maybe be a bit more authentic,because the slightly hitting the back of my throut,choking feeling is very nice and cock gags,or ones i,ve worn,anyway dont really deliver that sensation.

Inflatable Rubber Gag:

Although undeniably efficacious,the gags of this basic family are usually unsightly and are therefore not used on Restrained Elegance.They are useful in various training scenarios,and also if one really wants to teach a lesson to the submissive or have some complete peace and quiet.But the sacrifice in elegant is usually too much to bear.

Tape Gag:

In and of itself the tape gag is utterly useless.The tape commonly sticks exactly where it is not wanted and nowhere where it is wanted,and when applied to slavegirls wearing foundation,as it typically to be expected of well turned out slavegirls on the restrained elegance premises.The tape simply adheres to the powder and not to the face,pulling off and taking the makeup with it.The result is an ungagged slave with a stripe across her face of a different skin tone.Which is not usually a look to be aspired to.If tape with more tenacious glue is used,it can start taking skin with it when it comes off.If tape with less tenacious glue is used,it just falls off.

Of course,tape gags to have their uses,not least when emulating the aforementioned classic tv shows.In terms of gag efficacy,it is really only of any use when the mouth is stuffed and the tape is used primarily to keep the stuffing material in the mouth,in which case it can be very effective indeed.

Scold,s Bridle:

Although the roots of this device are all too real and repugnant this modern toned down version of a scold,s bridle is without doubt the most effective gag in the restrained elegance armoury.The combination of a plate to depress the tongue,a protrussion under the chin to keep the mouth closed and the locking steel head harness make it effective and inescapable.The simple fact is that no other gag produced the instant and profound silence from our photographic subject that the scolds bridle did.It is far from comfortable and must be used with great care – especially if the wearer could potentially fall over,but if used correctly it provides the ultimate recourse for anyone wishing to properly put an overly talkative slavegirl in her place and keep her there.

End of this part,photo,s can be fond on page 5.