The Lexicon of Slavegirl Positions 3

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The human body is capable of adopting an almost infinite variety of poses and positions.Some of these poses are awkward,ugly or ungainly-these are inappropriate for a restained elegance slavegirl to adopt,for a restrained elegance slavegirl should be alluring,elegant and as beautiful as possible,whether in bondage or out bondage.

The following is a lexicon of named poses and positions,along with more general modifiers and descriptions which will aid Masters in specifying the position that they wish their slavegirl to adopt.The positions in this second part of the lexicon are those in which the slavegirl can be tied.

Classic Damsel:

This position represents the classic damsel in distress of the silver screen.In the normal variant shown here the elbows are tied touching together behind the back,wrists are tied,and the legs are tied together above and below the knees as well as at the ankles.The elbows together produce a strenuous tie and the shoulders back position forces the subject into an involuntary display of her bosum,thus emphasising the sexuality of the subject.However,the fact that the legs are bound together so conclusively renders any sexual activity rather difficult,so this is considered a modest pose,suitable for display,tease and disciplinary use.

Box Tie -Arm position,Frog tie – Leg position:

The box tie is the basic of many bondage positions,being restrictive without causing discomfort or blood flow and nerve issues in the way that the elbows – together tie often does.It is therefore suitable for positions that take a considerable time to tie,whereas elbow together positions should be limited to those where the elbows can be tied last and untied quickly.

The shape so formed is somewhat less aesthetically pleasing than the elbows together tie to many eyes,but is very useful for the large number of combinations it allows.The ropes passing around the upper arms and chest prevent the subject from wriggling her wrists free of the tie at the small of her back,for additional immobility this wrists rope can be attached to a crotch rope if desired.

The position shown here combines the bow tie arm position with the frogtie leg position.Frog tie is the vulgar name for a most useful position – the leg is bent fully at the knee,and tied just below the knee and just above the ankle.This allows considerable variation in pose and some mobility,whilst preventing the slavegirl from attempting positions above her station – it is impossible to stand up,or raise her head above a certain level,which can be a useful feature of this tie.A humiliation task could be set by promising the reward or release the slavegirl if only she can reach a token placed at her normal head level – a place which will inaccesible,even if she is agile enough to be able to get uo into knee point.


The most salient feature of the hogtie is the rope attaching the bound wrists to the bound ankles.It is this feature which ensures that the hogtie delivers maximal restriction for the slavegirl from minimal extortion on the part of her captor,which goes some considerable way to explaining its during popularity,particulary in Western Bondage.There are few ways of immobilising someone as effectively with as little rope as basic hogtie.Even just tying ankles,wrists and a short line between them can be most debilitating and,if the knots are tied so as to be inaccesible to probing fingers,largely inescapable.

The variant shown here is even more strenuous,incorporating additional ropes behind above the knees and above the elbows,bringing them almost to touching behind the back.This can make it somwhat hard for some people to draw in breath ( because one cannot avoid weight resting on the chest and diaphragm).And also means the hands are likely to go numb sooner rather than later,so this variant should be considered advanced and more for punishment than for long-term storage.

The same position is easily accomplished with metal,either with handcuffs and leg irons ( one merelyhas to cross the chains linking the wrists and ankles),or with shackles and chains.In this variantion it is referred to as a hog shackle.There are also purpose designed bondage devices to hold the subject in this position and these items are generally referred to as hogties.

Mobility is usually restriced to being able to roll over,and possibly from there being able to level up into a bridge position.The subject generally finds it more comforable to be able to it relieves the pressure on the chest.If the hogtie is drawn sufficiently tight even this much mobility can usually be denied to most subjects.

Ball tie, plus Legs Up-Bell tie variant:

There are many variants on the basic ball tie theme.The core similarity is that the knees are brought up to the chest and constrained to remain there with rope.The illusstrated version uses a single cinched band of rope at breast level,this maybe prone to some slippage if not otherwise secured.Other variants bring the ropes over the shoulders as well,using the arms to prevent slippage.

The ball tie is usually completed by binding the wrists and ankles.In the classic variant these would be tied together,as here,but then additional rope use to draw the bound ankles in to body to keep the knees bent,either by extended the chest band to wrap and cinch around the bent knees and shins or by adding a rope to pull the ankles in,for example to a croth rope.

Instead in this example the subject,s wrists are bound to her ankles but are not otherwise secured in to the rest of the ball tie,allowing her to adopt the JBJS position,or as in the final two photo,s to be bound with her ankles raised to produce the legs-up ball tie variation.

Tiptoe Crotch rope spreader bar strap ado:

The strap ado position refers to any arm position where the arms are bound together behind the back and elevated.The strap ado was and is used as a real world torture and mutilation and we are therefore reluctant to use the term,but it is so wide spread that it is unavoidable.It is vitally important to note that the leverage of the arms can in principle dislocate the shoulders,which is how real world tortures use it,and that one must therefore be very careful when rigging the position – one should be careful that a sudden slip will not result in injury.On no account attempt to suspend or semi-suspend anyone by their arms in strap ado.

The position shown here incorporates several elements.The crotch rope is not attached to the rest of the bondage and serves primarily as decoration and titillation.The ankles are bound to a spreader bar,keeping them far apart.The subject was ordered onto her tiptoes and to remain there.Her elbows were again bound together behind her back,which intensifies the effect of the position.Her arms were hoised to a stout suspension point,but a rope with considerable stretch was used in order that if she did slip or faint there was considerable elastic give in the system.

All that said,the position is very aesthetically pleasing,very practical,allows for rearward penetration of the subject and is an excellent means of display to boot.

Reverse Prayer- arm position- Karada /Tortoise -shell /Rope Web:

Derived from shibari,the karada or tortoise – shell rope web is one of the basic elements of decorative bondage,here tied by the subject herself after some introductort training.Whilst not being functional as a restriction in its own right,the rope web does provide Anchorage for any number ofther attachments,and is very oramental and plesant to look at.If tied very snugly it can also produce a rope embrace with some subjects find pleassurable.

Here the rope web has been used as an Anchorage for the stripped down form of the reverse prayer tie,which keep the hands palms together behind the subjects back.There are many more elaborate and somewhat more secure variants of the reverse prayer tie but the variant shown is pleasingly minimalist.

Legs Up,Wrists to Knees:

The legs-up position is of great utility.If used with a spreader bar,it is extremely conductive to face to face intimacy during seks,without the possibility of demurral. If used with ankles together,as shown here,it provides the perfect target for bastinado.

The degree of helplessness produced is proportional to the height to which the subject,s feet are raised.One must be wary of raising the rope too high,however in order to avoid putting indue pressure on the back of the neck.

There are many ways in which the hands can be secured.Here they are bound to the ropes around the knees,with the final knott tied behind the knees to be oudside of finger reach.It can also be very succesfully tied with arms tied hugging the legs.

Bent Over The Chair:

The presence of as simple a piece of furniture as a chair opens many additional bondage possibilities.This is just one of the dozens of variant chair ties that can be employed.For a fuller discussion of chair ties we must beg the readers patience this will be covered in a future supplement to this lexicon.

Jadira says: Ah,i do love this,one of my favoriete bdsm sensations is being bent over furniture.I think probably because i like being spanked and caned so much, and this is one of my favorite positions for feeling helpless.I haven,t been tied up like this very often,because bondage and spanking doesn,t often happen at the same time.but i,m certainly a fan of this bondage.


The waitress position refers to any pose where the elbows are constrained behind the back but the wrists are constrained in front.Here a bar has been used to archieve the effect.The name derives from the fact that a slavegirl so bound can easily carry a drinks tray with which to serve quests,but cannot easily do much besides.

Note that the humerus does not bent,so even slavegirls who can touch their elbows together behind their backs will require that the rope be tied with a spacer cinch when bound in this position.

Jadira says: I dont like being required to do anything useful while i,m tied up,its very hard work,and very tiring.But sadly,this tie makes it possible to do all sorts of useful chores,while still very definitely being restrained.I find this more humiliating than most of the other positions si i never suggest doing it.But at least you could possibly make an attempt at running away if you were tied up like this,which is Always a comfort.


This position is typically achieved by the use of the implement called the yoke,as illustrated here.It can also be arhieved by the use of ropes tied to a pole – a length of bamboo is typically used – although here one must be careful if the pole is to be attached at neck height one must as Always be very careful of any rope work or restriction near the neck.

The yoke was featured in the bdsm themed film The Secretary,most particularly in the trailer thereto,where its combination of permitted dexterity with complete awlwardness was well demonstrated.The subjects fingers are free and unrestricted so she can write, wash dishes,prepare food and perform all manner of other domestic and menial tasks.However,she cannot get her hands near her mouth,so she cannot feed herself easily or with any manner of decorum,and she must exercise considerable care in walking around as the yoke is often too wide to fit through doorways.

It is frequently used as a training aid,and is invaluable in slowing the slavegirl down to Ensure that she take proper care and exrercise due attention to her chores.The variantion shows here adds heavy leg irons for further restriction,the subject is compelled to move at arelatively sedate pace and it can therefore be very helpful during poise,posture and gait training,ensuring that she move with due deliberation and decorum.

Crab tie:

The crab tie binds the slavegirl,s wrists to her ankles and commonly add ropes binding at around the level of knees and elbows as well,to keep her lower arms parrallel to her lower legs.When correctly and snugly tied it is surprisingly restrictive,permitting only the opening and closing of her legs and rolling onto her back.The subject shown here was unaable to resist temptation to show off by attaining a semi standing position,however she was extremely unstable and this is not to be recommended.

The primary purpose of this position is clearly sexual,and  it is often used in conjunction with a speader bar,whose utility in this matter ought to be Obvious to the reader.It can also be used for non sexual purposes by binding the legs together above the knees,producting a most satisfactory additional degree of confinement for those slavegirls unable to contain their urges to show off.


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