The Lexicon of Slavegirl Positions 1

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Please note that while it is written in the style of a pompous 1950 textbook,the lexicon is something Estee and i made up as a diverting entertainment for ourselves and for members of the site.It,s written that way because we find playing 1950,s style doctor and patient or scientist and subject hot and funny.Please read it in the same fun spirit.It is absolutely not an endorsement of the degradation or subjugation of woman (outside of the consensual fun bondage games).

While we,re both active in the bondage industry and an active BDSM couple in private life,we also wouldn,t want to lay claim to any great anthority on the subject there are many experienced riggers and shibari practitioners worldwide who know far more than we ever will.We use the the names of these poses amongst ourselves when we rig and shoot for Restrained Elegance: it doesn,t follow that that,s the officail name,or that others will use the same terms in the sameway.

I just like being able to bark out orders to get into such-and-such a position and have Estee hurry to obey,and she likes being trained to do it better.

It is also not meant to be an instruction manual for how to tie.You must Always follow basic bondage safety precautions and use your own judgement to what is safe for you and your own partner.If you want to know how to get started,check out some of the references on the bondage safety page,especially Chanta,s book.This is very much a work in progress.We have some new positions we must get around to shooting to add to the orginal lexicon,and we,ve only just started on the huge range of bondage positions.Be patient with us-it is a lot slower to shoot the bondage positions than the unbound ones,there are only so many you can get through in a day.We will shoot more and add them in due course.

Part one: Free standing slave girl positions.

Part two: Bondage positions.

Part three: gags.

Part one:Freestanding slavegirl positions / Introduction.

The human body is capable of adopting an almost infinite variety of poses and positions.Some of these poses are awkward,ugly or ungainly,these are inappropriate for a Restrained Elegance slavegirl to adopt,for a Restrained Elegance slavegirl should be alluring,elegant and as beautiful as possible,whether in bondage or out of bondage.The following is a lexicon of named poses and positions,along with more general modifiers and descriptions which will aid Masters in specifying the position that they wish their slavegirl to adopt.Some are appropriate as a prelude to being tied,others are resting or stress positions which the slavegirl must adopt for her Masters edification,in order that she can be a fitting adornment or decoration to his realm.                                                                    Positions can be described in several different ways.Some named positions specify very exactly the position and manner in which feet,legs,arms,body and head must be held,for example,Virgin Sacrifice.Of course,the Master may over ride the usual form of a pose.45,arms behind the box should be clear enough to a slavegirl who is familiar with the lexicon.

Other description refer to just of the pose,and must be combined with other descriptions to completely specify the pose.If the pose is not completely specified by the Master,it is the responsibility of the slavegirl to pose the rest of her body in an alluring and suitable way which complements and enhances the specified position.For example the pose shown to the left would normally be specified as waitress but that only really specifies the arm position to be adopted.The slavegirl here has chosen to stand in the modelling at ease position,with her head proud acceptable,if slightly lazy ( standing legs tight together,on tiptoes,would probably look neater and more elegant).

Arm Positions – Feet Positions – Leg Positions – Head Positions – Standing Positions -Kneeling Positions -Sitting Positions -Prone and Supine Positions – Miscellaneous Positions.

Arm Positions: Elbows together also called Strappado:

Arms together behind the back,elbows touching.Many slavegirls cannot attain this position without the assistance of rope,some cannot it fully even then.In these cases it is usual to bind the elbows some distance apart using a rope spacer.If the elbows are as close together as the slavegirl can bear,it is usually described as elbows together.If more relaxed,it is more properly described as hands clasped behind,see below.Note that several blood vessels and nerves are close to the surface just above – the ropes should actually bind the upper arms.Many slavegirls will lose feeling in their hands quite swifly in this position and may lose circulation.Whilst not immediately dangerous in and of itself,numbness should be taken as a warning sign as the slavegirl might be unable to feel rope burns.Master and slavegirl should be aware of this fact and take safety precautions accordingly – the basic precaution being to hold the position for as short a time as possible.In particular,where this tie is part of a larger one,tie the elbows as late as possible and release them first.


Wrists to opposite elbow,forming a box behind the back.This position is one of the least strenuous to hold,whilst allowing safe and very secure bondage,and is therefore often used in complex ties where the position must be held for a long time.

Wrists Crossed Behind:

Variants: palms out fingers extended,palms outwards,fists as shown,fingers spread.

Hands clasped behind:

This very basic position is a less strenuous version of the elbows together position above.Hands are clasped together behind the back but elbows are not close together.

Variants: prayer,fingers extended,together interlaced as shown.

Hands On Head: With its associations with the school-room,this position is both humiliating and useful,as the slavegirl may not attempt to block with her hands – thus facilitating nipple – clamp discipline,for example.

Wrists Offered: Offered is an additional descriptor that is used to suggest the slavegirl offering her wrists to be tied.It normally means offered in front,but can be used to indicate different positions by qualifying it.Specifying offered implies that she should be positioned so as to invite her wrists being tied together.Hence the wrists are crossed,and held a convenient height above the head to facilitate binding.

Variants:depending where the wrists are there are many variants on this position.To make a slavegirl adopt the second position one would order.Get on your knees,wrists offered,head proud.

Offered is usually used to indicate wrists,but it can be used to order the slavegirl to prepare any part of her body for bondage.It is then up to the slavegirl to position herself to best effect so as to look maximally alluring whilst permitting her master clear and easy access to the specified body part for bondage.

For example get in virgin sacrifice,ankles and wrists offered,would indicate to the slavegirl that she should lift her wrists and ankles somewhat compared with the usual virgin sacrifice position,as her master is about to bind her wrists and ankles together.


Prayer means with the fingers of both hands straight,extended,and the palms of the hands touching each other.Reverse prayer means doing the same but with the hands behind the back.

Hands Folded: this at ease position may be adopted only when directed.

Arms Crossed: The defensive position with arms crossed in front,as often adopted in normal life,is generally considered in appropriate for slavegirls unless she is specifically ordered into it.Slavegirls have no defences and should not put barrier between herself and her tortures.

Waitress: Elbows are drawn in tight to the sides and pulled back.Forearms are extended,hands held out.This position is typically used in bondage with a bar or ropes to pull the elbows together behind,and arms tied together in front.The slavegirl is then ideally positioned to carry a tray,hence the name of the position.

Egyptian: Wrists crossed in front over chest,in the fashion of a Egyptian mummy.    Variants: virgin or modest,as shown on the top row,where hands are covering nipples.Cupping breats may be used for buxon slavegirls.Nipples shown,as in the second row,is usually reseved for sluts.

Soaring: Arms horizontal,swept slightly back,as if in imitation of a bird soaring on a thermal.

Pit of Doom: Hands above head,as if dangling by a rope around the wrists above a pit wherein resides a hideous and painful death.

Variants: prayer where hands are placed palms together.

Feet: Tiptoes or High Heel:

This position,with heels off the ground should be considered as the default.Masters like to see the soles of a slavegirl feet.Standing in this position also enhances the attractiveness of the legs,in a way similar to the wearing of high heeled shoes and hence the position is also sometimes called high heels or heels high.

Variants: one may more closely specify how far the heels are to be kept off the ground.If they are to be an inch or so off but fairly comfortable,the position may be called low heels,as if wearing shoes with low heels,rather than completely flat on the ground,or heels lifted.If the position to be held is with heels as high as the slavegirl can physically achieve,it would be referred to as extreme tiptoes or extreme high heels.

En Point: On the very tops of the toes,as in the ballet dancing position En Pointe.    This can generally only be achieved with the use of artifical aids such as ballet shoes,or if the slavegirl,s weight is at least partially taken elsewhere,for example in a semi suspension.In classic damsel,the toes of one or both feet are generally slightly tucked under to produce the en pointe positioning.

Natural Point: Toes are pointed,but not in a way which implies that is required to keep them in that position,it is just the most natural way to hold herself.

Extreme Point: Toes are pointed in as extreme a manner as possible.The main aim is to emphasise the creases around the arch of the bare foot in a beautyful way.

Toes Tucked: Toes are tucked under the rest of the foot,streching the soles.This tends to hide the creases around the arch.It is often adopted by lazy slavegirls in kneeling positions as it makes the positions easier to hold,a tendency which must be corrected.

Relaxed: The feet are allowed to follow the contour of the leg naturally and in a relaxed fashion.

Toes Spread: Spreading toes is considered sexually attractive by some Masters,but is in general rather less elegant than positions where the toes are kept together.These positions should therefore only be assumed when specifically directed.

Feet Flat: This position,with both feet flat on the floor,is unattractive and slovenly and must only be assumed if specifically directed.

Legs – Closed or Modest or Virgin: legs are closed.This is not a stress position but is fairly relaxed and nature pose,as would be naturally adopted by a modest lady who believes herself unobserved.

Tight Together: Unlike the virgin or legs closed position,legs tight together means that the slavegirl is attempting to press her legs as tightly together as possible,keeping her ankles and knees absolutely together.This is a stress version of the more relaxed virgin pose.

Open: Legs are spread,but not pornographically or graphically so.Adopting the first position shown here would follow the order,stand on tiptoes,legs open,hands on head,head proud.The second position would be described as flat on your back,legs open,raised to ninety degrees.

Slut: Legs are spread as widely as possible given the position of the rest of the body.Also specified by legs extreme open or legs wide open.

Splits: Relatively self explanatory,the slavegirl will adopt a splits position either to the front or side.On one leg or stork standing on one leg.

Arrogant: Slavegirl,s head is raised as high as possible and she is looking down her nose as if to sneer at all she sees.Forcing a stuck up slavegirl to adopt this position during punishment is an excellent lesson – most will swiftly try to lower their head in submission and will actually find it quite hard to maintain the arrogant head position as the punishment session continues.

Proud or Haughty: Head is up,erect,looking ahead.This is a fairly relaxed stance, but compared with head,neutral.

Neutral: A catch all term for head in a neutral position.The effect of the eyes may be to turn an otherwise neutral position into proud or eyes lowered,so the term is not a precise one.

Humble: Head lowered,but not dropped to a maximal degree.The impression created should be of a proud woman humbled,not of abject surrender.Eyes are usually looking forward rather than down,in contrast to eyes lowered below.

Eyes Lowered: A descriptor which is usually used to modify another head position, a slavegirl may be ordered to stand head proud,eyes lowered,for example.If used on its own,it generally means head humble and eyes lowered.

Submissive or Kiss the Floor: Head as low as the position allows,ideally with forehead pressed to the floor.A variation is kiss the floor which should be self explanatory.

Standing Positions:

Attention: Either the purely military position with straight back,shoulders back,or the variant shown here where the slavegirl is on tiptoes.

Modelling at Ease: At Ease refers to the classic military position.Modelling at ease is a more feminine position,usually adopted by glamour models.One leg is straight with the mojority of the weight on it.The other leg is tucked over and slightly around.Variants modelling at ease on tiptoes means on tiptoes on both legs including the weight bearing one.

At Ease: At ease refers to the classic military position – standing legs slightly apart,not in as formal or regimented a pose as standing at attention,but not as informal as Standing Easy.

Glamour Girl: Standing on tiptoes on one leg,the other leg slightly raised,toes pointed.Variants: kick back,the same pose only with the raised leg kicked back, heels towards the bum,in the manner of a classic damsel being kissed and kicking one leg up behind her.

Touching Toes: Bending over from the waist,legs straight touching toes.Variants: the feet flat variant is often used when inflicting spankings,particularly in an educational setting.The stress position touching toes,on tiptoes is considered more elegant but requires significantly better poise to maintain,especially if under assault from implements of corporal punishment.The slut variation with legs wide spread is useful for disciplining wanton slavegirls.

Bent over Strappado: Arms together behind the back,bent forward at the waist,legs kept straight and unless specifically directed otherwise legs should be closed and feet on tiptoes. When tied,this can be done with elbows properly together behind the back – which is a very challenging position.Some models can even suspend themselves from the elbows but this is not wise,as it can lead to serious injuries and is therefore not recommended.

Screw Me Strappado: Similar to bent over strappado above,but legs are apart.If tied in this position,the subject can be conveniently penetrated,hence the name.

Spanking or Bent Over: The classic offer yourself for spanking position,usually achieved with the assistance of furniture on which to lean,as in these examples.One may refine the position by further directing that the legs be held in position,such as bent over,legs in glamour girl or bent over,right leg kicked back.

Kneeling Positions:

Offer Yourself: On knees,leaning forwards,wrists crossed,eyes lowered,striving to put wrists as far forward as possible,offering herself to have her wrists bound her master.

Variants: this position is already hard to hold because of the tendency to topple forwards,because the slavegirl is leaning forwards.Making her raise up off her heels so her legs are in something like 45 is position sadistic.

Back On Heels: The basic kneeling position with the posterior sitting down upon the heels.

At Attention: Kneeling with calves on the floor and the thighs vertical,body held upright.The normal version of kneeling at attention would have arms instrappado. This position is highly recommended for administering servere all over torture,as all the main target areas,ass,breasts,thights and feet,are completly clean and easy to access.If access to the final main target area is required,the slave can be ordered to hold position but spread her legs.In this position,a naked and blindfolded slave can be lashed on any one of the target areas without any warning and the mental cruelty of having no clue where the next agonising stoke will lands adds considerable piquancy to the experience.

45 :Kneeling,with the thighs at 45 degrees to the floor.This position puts considerable strain on the thigh muscles,and is a very useful stress position,combining as it does a very elegant and attractive appearance with a position whose physical challenge grows rapidly the longer it is held.Variants: the normal version of the pose has the hands behind the back,elbows together,feet naturally pointed,head proud.Any of these ingredients may be varied,for example to produce the 45 head submissive pose shown where the subjects thighs are held in the 45 position,but the forehead lightly touches the floor.Variant positions should be monitored be Ensure that the slavegirl is not taking her weight in inappropriate ways,by leaning forwards onto her forehead thus mitigating the stress of the pose.

All Fours: Any position which involves weight being distributed on hands and knees in this way is technically called being on all fours.There are some additional named variants listed.

See also part two.