The Lexicon of Slavegirl Positions 2

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Good Dog: On all fours,legs together,toes pointed,hands together pointing outwards as shown.This is about as modest as it is possible to get in all-fours position,hence,good dog.

Bad Bitch: On all fours,legs apart,hands under shoulders,in line.Variants: extreme would be with knees as far apart as it is physically possible to get them.Submissive bad bitch would have forehead pressed to the ground.

On The Prowl: Similar to Bad Bitch and Good Dog above,but one hand reaches out forward,leading the one leg and hip forward,like a cat to be as feline,sleek and streamlined as possible.

Abase Yourself or Pay Homage: Classic position of abasement,as required by tyrants and potentates everywhere.

PNP: Kneeling,back arched,breasts proudly thrust forwards,legs open,shoulders pushed right back,hands gently resting on the ground as far behind the body as possible.As usual unless otherwise directed the toes should be pointed to improve the appearance of the creases on the soles of the feet.A less stressful version of the position is to permit the slavegirl to sit back on her heels,but retaining the arched back and up thrust breasts.A more stressful variant is to make the subject lean far backwards,possibly even bringing her thighs into 45.

Servant Genie: In this abasement position,the head is lowered,the knees are in 45,and the hands are placed on the floor beside the knees.It evokes the feeling of a female genie of the lamp bowing before her new master.Because the slavegirl will almost certainly cheat and put weight through her hands,it is not a stress position like 45.It can however be a useful follow-up position when 45 has been held to the point of muscle failure.

Kneeling Bastinado: In this classic punishement position,the slavegirl kneels on some item of forniture to lift her feet up to a more suitable height for punishment, allowing greater precision of aim and much greater strength to be applied to the strokes.A slight change of angle is sufficient to change target to the backside,which allows for interesting variations during the punishment,but the core function of the position is to provide the best possible access to the soles of the feet for bastinado.

Kneeling Hogtie: This position utilsing a spanking bench or other furniture so that the subject can place herself in the classic hogtie position – arms behind in strappado,knees and ankles together,on the point of her knees,legs bent so that heels come as close to the backside as possible.The position is often used to discipline particularly badly behaved sluts -it requires considerable mental strength to stay in the position when a cane is whistled down to kiss the slavegirls ass,passing in between the feet and hands.Any twitch on slavegirls part risks the cane landing on fingers and toes.This should only be attempted by dominants with excellent stroke positioning.It is also for the administration of bastinado,although obviously the more classic kneeling position offers rather easier aim.

On Knee – point: This demanding position is almost impossible to hold in isolation,and is most commonly used as part of a semi suspension in bondage.It can also be used against a wall or item of furniture as shown here.The subject must raise herself up on to the points of her knees,raising her heels as high as possible.Unless otherwise directed,she should point her toes in order to enhance the appearance of the creases on the soles of her feet.When holding the position in isolation like this with ankles held in the hands,it is also referred to as kneel up,clasping ankles.It is unusual for a subject to be able to keep her balance in this position independently.

Half Lotus: This variant of lotus has only one feet placed into the opposite thigh.It is a considerably easier position for many people to adopt,so masters whose slavegirls lack the flexibility to get into lotus frequently adopt half lotus as a visually similar substitute.Indeed some prefer the slightly less distorted look of half lotus.

Sitting Ball tie: The slavegirl draws her knees up under her chin,clasping her legs with her hands.In order to avoid the cardinal error of adopting the feet flat position,it is usual to put some weight forward and lift the arches into a high heel position,or lean backwards somewhat and adopt extreme point.The latter is hard to maintain in balance,especially if bound,as is likely to result in the slavegirl rolling backwards into her back,into ball tie proper.

Prone and Supine Positions:

Prone On Front: A catch-all term for any general prone pose where the slavegirl is face down,on her stomach.Most variations additional specify at least the leg position required.

Head-To-Toe: Prone on front,legs together,arms together,toes pointed,arms outstretched.The equivalent of Virgin Sacrifice but face down.The name head to toe comment upon the fact that the entire of the slavegirl,s back from head to toe is vulnerable and exposed,especially to implements such as the taws or leather strap. The entirety of her back can be whipped mercilessly,from head to toe.

Prone On Back: Another catch all term,the exact pose usually being specified by additional descriptions.

Pray To Hell: A perverted and stressful position,the slavegirl is prone on the floor on her front,her arms behind her back in reverse prayer,face pressed down to the floor,legs wide spread like a slut.

Penitent Slut: Prone on the floor on her front,legs wide spread,arms behind in box head down.

Quizzical Slut: As Penitent Slut,above,but slavegirl is directed to raise her head from the floor to look at her master.

Hogtie: The classic hogtie position.Most slavegirls will have to grasp their wrists with their ankles to remain in this position for any length of time if not bound.When tying it is traditional to tie elbows together if the subject flexibility permits.When a slavegirl is holding the position on her own,this will rarely be possible to hold for more than short while.

Y : On front,legs wide spread but on ground,toes pointed,arms outstretched together above head.Slavegirl,s boby forms the shape of a letter Y.Also called bury me in a Y shaped coffin.

Frog tie on Front: On front,legs bent as though in a frog tie.Most slavegirls have to grasp ankles with their hands to maintain this pose for any length of time.Variants: if the legs are closed,this position becomes a hogtie,so legs are generally at least at open.A variant is to have legs very wide open,which makes the position slut frog tie on front.

Z or Zig-Zag: An asymmetric on front supine position where one leg is raised by bending the knee while the other foot is brought to the bent knee,forming an S,Z or zigzag shape.It is very exposing and is often used after the administration of punishment,as withness by the whip marks on the posterior of this specimen.

The Pose: The pose is a term from the world of foot fetish.It refers to the family of positions designed to provide the best combination of displaying the soles of the feet and the face.The slavegirl lies on her front,propped up on her elbows,and bends her knees to Ensure the soles of her feet remain visible.The really classic variant of the pose has legs crossed,but any variation on this basic idea of showing the soles of the feet and the face is usually considered part of the pose.

On Your Back,Touch Your Toes: Self explanatory – and – agonising.Subject lies flat on her back,legs extended and straight,and touches her toes.This is a fine stress position.

Diana,s Bow: This very attractive variant on the face down leg raise brings the hands back to cup the buttocks,and usually also raises the head somewhat to make the curve of the bow symmetrical.Despite the extreme allure of the position and theĀ implied imitation of the hands ready to spread the cheeks of the buttocks to provide access front or rear,it is perfectly chaste,hence the classical allusion.

Virgin Sacrifice: On back,legs together and outstretched,hands together above head outstreched,toes pointed.The classic virgin spread out on a sacrificial alter pose.

Slut Sacrifice: On back,hands above head and outstretched,legs as wide apart as it is possible to be but still on the floor,toes pointed.This sacrifical position suggests that it is a sacrifice of virginity,rather than a virgin-hence the term,slut sacrifice.

Starter,s Orders: Weight taken hands,arms straight,legs curled slightly under to allow toes to be pointed.The position resembles that of a sprinter in starter blocks,hence the name.It is an open invitation to inflict bastinado whilst the slavegirl is in a stress position.

End of this part.See also Bondage Positions and Bondage Equipment.