Kajira Basics 3

^D3BB04654C76A00187E23A43240925ACAA7B9EA1C3A0A95CD0^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrGoreans commonly like spirited girls who fight the collar but eventually submit.They relish the callenge of breaking such woman.Goreans also value intelligent and imaginative slaves.Most Goreans enjoying talking to their slaves so they want a responsive partner.The common ideal slave is highly,intelligent,beautyful,imaginative,strong willed and proud.But the most fundamental property prized in woman is their need for love and their capacity for love.

A slave does not even own their name.Their master names them and can change that name at will,changing a kajira,s name or taking it away are common modes of discipline.A free woman,s name,when enslaved,become a slave name even if not changed.Often,a new slave is not immediately named.If one is unsure if she will work out or be kept,it is though not worth the while to waste a name on her.Other times,a master simply waits a few days until an appropriate name arises.Most masters won,t name a girl they pan on immediately destroying so a name gives a kajira some sence of securrity.A is a common ending for many feminine names on Gor.A humbling or punishing name,like Ugly Girl of Wart, is as much a real name as a beautyful name.All Earth girl names are considered slave names,though the pronuncaition is cammon changed to more closely reflect Gorean sounds.

Slaves must address all free people as Master or Mistress.They address only their own Master as my Master or Mistress.Slaves are seldom permitted,at least publicly to adress any master by his name,only his title.The privilege of using a free man,s name is reserved for free woman.Many masters though prefer to hear their name said by a slave,in private,out of the presence of free woman.Kajira may tell others the name of their master for explanation purposes only.For example,they may use his name to tell others the identity of her master.

It is not uncammon for slaves to refer to themselves in the third person.But it is not a necessity to do so unless they have been specifically told to do soby their Master.Speak as a slave,is generally the command for a kajira to speak in the third person.The novels cantain a multitude of examples where slaves commonly speak in the first person.It all depends on each kajira master and her training.It is not wrong for a slave to use the first person unless she under specific orders to speak in third person.

Any free man may discipline an insolent or errant slave,even one is in the least bit displeasing.If she is killed or injured,he need only pay compensation to her master and only if the master can be located within a specific time and requests such compensation.Discipline of a slave may be attended to by any free person,otherwise she might do much what she wished,provided only that her master dit not learn of it.Gorean masters,though often strict,are seldom cruel.Sadism and wanton cruelty are almost unknown.Any cruelty done is usually purposeful as in teaching a woman that she is a slave.Sometimes they are punished without the master explaning the reasons.It is then for the kajira to guess and wonder the reasons.She may even be punished for no reason at all.A girl is seldom punished for trying to be pleasing,at least at first.A public master is more likely to punish a girl than a private master.Part of this has to do with how a master is perceived in public,by others,in how his slave acts.In private,a girl has more leeway to avold discipline by being pleasing.

The whip is available as a discipline tool but it is seldom used,though it would be if necessary.Often,a whip is prominently in a home to remind slaves of its potential.The cammon slave whip,also known as a kurt,has five broad strips,each about two and a half feet long and one end a half inches wide.The handle is about eighteen inches long.When used property,it will not mark the victum.The snake is a single bladed whip,weighted,of braided leather.It is eight feet long and half an inch to one inch thick.It is sometimes set with tiny particles of metal and can easily strip flesh.

In a whipping,a set number leashes are usually given and then often one more lash added.This is the blow which reminds a girl she is slave.It is also called the gratis blow or the mnemonic blow.It is commonly the hardest blow of all.Prior to a whipping,a girl is usually stripped so her clothes are not ruined and her hair will be put aside.In a formal whipping no clothing may constitute a shield,even symbolically,and allowed to intrude between the slave and justice.Even free woman may be whipped,though differently than a slave,usually much easier.The whipping itself is insignifiant when compared to the lesson it teaches.It shows a girl she is under the total domination of a man,at his mercy.This fulfills something deep in the female.

Some cities,especially those of the Vosk River,have a custom of an initiatory whipping when they obtain a new slave.The girl knows she will be carried into the house as a helpless slave and then the whipping shows her that she is under discipline.There are no set amout of blows for this whipping.It all depends on the whims of the master.

A slave,s diet is commonly supervised by her master.Many masters wish to keep their slaves at a certain weight and in a certain condition.Slave gruel and slave bread are common items.Slave bread is coarse grained and rough.Slave gruel or porridge is commonly tasteless,but wish its various supplements,is extremely nousishing.Most of a slave,s diet is normally quite bland.Thus,sweets are a much cherished reward.It is a common problem for girls to steel sweet too.Before being fed,a slave is commonly to be presentable and beautyful.Normally they may not eat until after the men have begun or even finished.A master must given specific permission for the slaves to eat.Slaves often are not allowed utensils to eat.

Slaves are not permitted wallets or pouches so must carry coins in their mouths or hands,though the use of hands is rare.Slaves are generally forbidden to touch coins without permission.But there is no law preventing a slave from touching money with their hands.But,if they are found with unaccounted coins,it is a serious offense.Sometimes the money is tied in a scarf about a wrist or ankle.Sometimes it is placed in a bag tied about the girls neck while her hands are tied behind her.When a slave buys baked goods,the baker may tie a bag to her neck,using a bakers knot.This is to prevent pilfering by the slave.

Many slaves must keep their masters compartments clean.They will dust and cleans though it does not take long to so as Goreans live simply and do not like cumbersome furniture.When they dont use the public kitchens,a slave girl must cook for him.If he does not use the public laundries,the kajira must wash and iron.She also may shop for him.Overall these chores do not take a long time.Masters do not want to come home to an exhausted slave,tired from chores.Some slaves may even work outside their masters home.They might go to work in a free woman,s clothes and return home to don their slave clothes.This is very rare though.

The mobility and freedom of a slave girl is usually greater than a free woman.They may go almost anywhere in a city.If they are permitted outside their home,they can usually wander the city freely.But they can not leave the city gates without a free person accompanying them.In addition,slaves must also be inside by dark.Slaves are often taken many places by their master,such as the theater,tam races,and kaissa matches.While following their master in public,a slave girl commonly walks behind her master and to the left.Girls seldom follow behind on the right because that is seen as a sign that she is in disfavor.If multiple girls follow a master,the closest one is the one inmost favor.

Gorean men tend to be less gentlemen,than owners and masters.Most Gorean men wont admit to caring for a slave.But more than one war has been fought to recover a single slave.But,for the most part,Gorean men are not jealous over their slaves.It is a common hospitality to offer the use of one,s slaves to your quests.Some masters though may have one certain slave that they do not share with anyone,even at the risk of breaking hospitality.A slave girls first duty is to her own master.Slave girls do not dally when their master calls and his takes precedence over a detention by strangers.

It is a rare event for a slave girl to meet her love master and a man his love slave.The slavery of a love slave is an unusually deep slavery.The kajira must serve more perfecly than any other slave.No woman can be more in a man,s power and with no woman must a man be stronger.The love slaves is held in her bondage by the strongest of all bonds,love stronger even than the collar on her neck.Love on Gor does not purchase a girl leniency and neither does it mitigate her bondage.It actually renders it the more complete,the more helpless and abject.Many love slaves are kept as the lowest of slaves.Goreans are not easy with their slaves,even those they care deeply for.

When a master owns multiples slaves,it is cammon to appoint a first or en girl whose authority to the other girls is akin to that of a master.She can order the other slaves around and even beat them.The other girls must call the first girl mistress.This tends to reduce squabbling between the girls.Sometimes,a hierarchy is formed so each lower girl must address all higher girls as mistress.The first girl is usually is the favorite though not necessarily.There is often competition to be first girl.Masters rarely interfere in the squabbles of slaves.Men do not care to direct slaves in small tasks.They only care that the work is done.

Slaves normally sleep at the foot ot their master,s couch,often on a straw mat with a thin cotton like blanket,woven from the soft fibers of the rep plant.A couch is a stone block with furs on it.The dignities of the couch are usually reserved for Free Companions.A slave cannot ascent to the bed unless the master says so and that rarely happens.A slave may be permitted the couch after many months.She enters it as a slave,from the lower left or bottom,after first kneeling and kissing the furs.When a master wants his slave in the love furs,he tells the slave to light the lamp of love.This called the ravishment lamp and it is placed in the window so that they wont be disturbed.Men prefer soft lighting for their pleasure so they can see the beauty of their slave.The light of the lamp is soft and sensuous,quite adequate to illuminate her.Her tiniest movements and subtlest expressions will be fully visible.

Sex between a master and slave is spontaneous and casual,occurring whenever and wherever the master wishes,and not unoften when the slave begs for it.Gorean sexual tastes are much broader and more tolerant than those on Earth.Many Goreans enjoy lengthy feasts of love.A girl might be ravished for serveral Ahn or even over a day or two.There are many ways dor a slave to beg for seks.Some examples include the bondage knot,offering the master wine,holding fruit up to him,and begging explicitly.There any many ways to take a woman,all of them pleasurable.Much depends on the situation,time of day,preference and tastes of the master.It is common to make a slave reveal in detail her secret sexual fantasies.If she is literate,she may even be commanded to write them out.

One of the great pleasures of making love to a slave is the uncompromising explpitation of her marvelous sexual sensitivities,her helplessnesses,they putting her so much in your power,enabling you to do with her as you please and obtain from her what you want.She may be brought up and down,as you please,at your will,at your mercy,and played like an instrument.She may,if you wish,be held short of her ecstasy,cruelly,if you desire,or in a moment,with a tough,granted it.There are few sights so exciting and beautyful as a helplessly orgasmic slave crying out her submission and love.(Vagebonds of Gor,p.216).

After the slaves fires have been ignited in a girl,s body,which usually occurs in the first days of her slavery,the denial of seks amounts.Slaves are rarely deprived of seks,except for discipline.In the case of the kajira,her entire life is one of sexuality, vulnerability and love.To her,bathing a master is sexually stimulating.Even a simple task like tying his sandals can arouse her.Her sexuality is a mode of being.Her entire life is one of sexuality,vulnerability and love.

A kajira can attain an orgasm much quicker than a free woman.It might take a free woman a third to half an Ahn to attain what a slave can do in three to four Ehn.It us even said,that a trained and conditioned slave girl might find herself on the brink of orgasm simply by finding her master,s eyes on her.If a slave has been deprived of seks for some time,she may almost immediately rech orgasm.Kajirae are often forced to endure lengthy,multiple orgasms,sometimes for up to an Ahn.They will be carried from one peak to another by her Master.A true slave orgasm can only be experienced by a slave and not a free woman.It take place within a unique conditioning context,physical,psychologial and institutional.It is said that a woman who has experienced slave orgasm can never thereafter be anyting but a man,s slave.She then knows that men can do to her,and what she herself is,a woman.Never therafter can she be anything else.( Explorers of Gor,p13)

Slaves tend to speak openly and honestly to free people.Slaves may not hide anything or have any secrets from their masters.Most masters become adept at reading the body language of their slaves and being able to detect their lies.It is especially difficult for a naked slave to lie.Clothing makes it easier to lie.Naked,she is exposed physically and in a sence,phychologically too.When she lies,there is fear involved and this can be detected in subtle body signs such as in tenseness.Slaves often hear lots of information as many people speak freely in front of them.But curiosity is not becoming in a slave.They may listen carefully but rarely may they ask questions.Most slaves are illiterate as most men do not want them to learn.They are kept deliberately their helplessness.But,literacy does increase the value of a slave.Slaves are also not entitled to privacy or modesty.Their master may go to them where ever they are.He does not knock before entering a room where they are.Slaves are used to being eyed boldly by free men.They grow to expect and relish such attention.

Slavery is normally a permanent condition.It is said that only a fool would free a slave.Even most slaves who are free eventually desire to be enslaved again.The most common reason to free a slave is so a master can make her his Free Companion.It is also nearly impossible for any slave to successfully run away from a master.Most girls who do flee eventually end up claimed by another master.The penalties for attempted fight are also severe.For a first offense it is commonly only a servere beating.Most slaves,especially new ones,are allowed a single mistake.But for a second offense,the penalty is commonly a hamstringing or even death.

Above all else: The most important thing for a kajira to understand is that her primary duty is absolute obedience.