Kajira Basics 2

Goreaanse brandmerk Kef

Goreaanse brandmerk Kef


The vast majority of slaves are branded,marking them nearly permanently as slaves.Slavers will only rarely sell a girl who has not yet been branded.In some cities,it is illegal to offer an unbranded girl for public slave.Branding is commonly done by a trained Iron Master as most owners rarely brand their own girls.Branding requires a sure hand and experience to properly do it.By recommendation of Merchant Law,there are three standard marking places: left outer thight,right outer thight,and lower left abdomen.The most common site is high on the on the left outer thight,high enough to be covered by even a brief tunic.A slave may be branded anywhere on her body it is not as common.

Many Goreans prefer a girl to be hand branded.Some slavers use mechanical branding devices but such brands are too uniform.It takes some time to bring an iron to the necessary branding temperature.The iron must also be cleaned and reheated before branding another girl.The cleaning is important for the precision and clarity of the brand.A branding rack is often used to hold a girl,s thight in place to prevent her from moving when the hot iron is applied.This helps prevent a blurred brand.A girl is commonly shown the iron before the branding so that she may fully understand its power,its heat and its meaning.A girl is usually branded for about three ihn,about four earth seconds.The girl is permitted to scream during the branding.

The most common brand is the Kef,the first letter of the word Kajira,in cursive script.It is also known as the staff and fronds,because it resembles a staff with two upturned frondlike curls,joined where they tough the staff on its right.It is usually one and a half to two inches high.The Kef is more floral than the common cursive Kef.The two curts are meant to symbolize feminity and beauty.The upturned curves on the fronds indicate total openess and vulnerability.The staff symbolizes that the feminity is subject to discipline.Male slaves are branded with a large block Kef,not the cursive letter.There are many other types of brands such as the Dina and the Palm brand.Some cities have their own special brand as well.Some Merchants make up their own new brands.There are collectors who collect girls with exotic brands.

A small and beautyful brand enhances a girl,s beauty.It also has definite psychologial benefits to instilling the idea of slavery on a girl.It is easy to consider that you are property when you have been permanently marked like lifestock.A girl will basically only be branded once in her lifetime.A brand simply signifies that you are a slave.It does not commanly serve to identily your owner.Thus there is little reson for an owner to rebrand a girl.Certain penaly brands may be added to punish a girl but their intent is not show a girls slavery or identify her owner.

A slave with a brand can still be freed.But,the mark is permanent and there was no method ever mentioned in the books that would remove or alter it.If such a freed girl wishes to remain free,she better Ensure that her papers of manumisson are kept handly.Luckily,most brands spots can be well hidden so others cannot notice a woman,s brand.But,if a man does see that a free woman has brand,he might try to enslave her unless she can prove she was freed.


The most common garment for slaves is a brief slave tunic,sleeveless and with a deep plunging neckline.It may be made of a great varity of materials from satins and silks to clinging rep-cloth.Rep cloth is very popular because it is inexpensive,thin and clings well to a body.Leather is generally not permitted to slaves as the softer and more feminine fabrics are preferred by Gorean men.The tunic has no nether closure as a kajira is expected to be ready for her master at any time.Many of these tunics also have a disrobing knot so that a light tug will cause the entire garment to fall to a girls feet.There are a number of other garments also worn by slaves.The common camisk is a narrow,poncho – like garment.It is little more than a long,narrow,rectangle of cloth with an opening for the head.It is worn belted,falls to just above the knee and does not cover the brand.The Turian camisk is like an inverted T in which the bar of the T is beveled on each side.It is fastened with a single cord.The cord binds the garment at three points, behind the neck,back,and in the front of the waist.The garment is fastened at the neck,and then passes before her passing between her legs.The sides fold about the hips.It covers the brand,but leaves the back bare.In Turia,it is simply called the camisk and the cammon camisk is called the northern camisk.Ta-teeras are slave rags,usually a brief bit of rep cloth,torn here and there,or even just rags sewn together,Kajira may also use slave girdles,belts,to tie around their clothes to accent their figures.

In addition: slaves almost Always go barefoot and rarely are permitted sandals.Slaves rarely walk the city Streets naked except as discipline.Free woman object to them being naked publicly and most men abide by this.The area of a girl,s abdomen around the navel is called the,slave belly,because only slave girls expose their navels.In a family house,the slaves are modestly garbed because of the childeren.A slave may be a nurse,governess,and playmate to a child.Slaves may also dress modesly so as to not offed free woman.If a young men is giving a proper and refined dinner,his slave will be modestly attired.

The primary functions of a slave clothes is not to clothe the slave but to display her and to show her that she is a slave.Thus,most slave clothing is made of sensuous fabrics and is cut very revealingly.Some slave clothes may also be practical depending on the function or location of the slave girl.A girl who works in the mills would wear a more practical outfit than a paga slave.A slave in Torvaldsland would obviously be dressed warmly.A new slave may have to earn the privilege of getting to wear clothes.An owner controls fully if a girl is allowed clothes and what she may wear.

Ko-lar / collar:

Almost all slaves must wear a ko-lar,the Gorean word for a collar.The most common collar is a light,steel-like band,snugly fitting,that locks in the back.But Gorean collar can vary from simple iron bands to enemeled bands to ornate,bejeweled collars.Obviously only the wealthy would ever place Jewels on a slave,s collar.Such Jewels make a girl a tempting target for thieves so it is likely the girl would not be free to wander the city without her owner.Instead,most men would place costume jewelry onto a collar if they wished to enhange its look.

All collars have two things in cammon:they cannot be removed by the girl and they mark her as a slave.The collar is secured with a six pin lock,one pin for each of the letters in the word kajira.The most cammon sizes for collars are the ten to twelve hort ones.On Earth,this would be about 12.5 to 15 inches.Some masters also cover collars with collar stockings or sleeves.They are simply pieces of fabric that cover a collar.They are used as an accessory to enhance a girl,s beauty and come in a variety of materials.The Turian ko-lar is another common collar on Gor.It is a round ring,which lies loosely on a slave so that if a man holds the ring,the girl can turn in it.It is harder to engrave though than a normal collar.

A collar identifies a kajira,s master and city.This information would be engraved  onto the collar itself.The collar also serves as a visible token of a girl,s bondage.In some cities,such visible tokens are required by law.But,a slave without a collar is still but a slave.There is a kind of implicit claim of ownership involved in the collaring of a kajira so it seldom done same by her master.Some say that the collar release the beauty in a woman though it is likely just the effects of her slavery and not the collar itself. The collar transforms a woman psyologically and sexually.She understands that she has no choice but to be a total female.It is also said that a collar has an intensification effect on a kajira that deepens and intensifies a woman,s sexually.

Slave steel is a generic term for the metal implements and equipment worn by slaves,such as collars,chains,manacles,siriks,ect.Slave mancles also called slave bracelets are fixed ring sized for wrists and ankles.There are four numbers in the series,one is small,two and three are normal and four is large.But most are adjustable for any of the four sizes.The manacles for wrists and ankles though are sized differently.A size two wrist ring has an interior circumference of five horts and a size two ankle ring of seven horts.Many men prefer the sizes of wrists and ankles to match.There is an implicit claim of ownership involved in putting a girl in steel so it is seldom except by a girl,s master.Female slaves do not escape from Gorean iron.

When slaves are bound,they are tied by men who know that they are doing.Thus struggling is futile.It is cammon practice to place on bond before removing another.One standard binding position is for the girl on her belly,crossing her wrists and ankles behind her.Bonds are never placed over clothing.Different ties have different purposes.Ties include such types as control ties,discipline ties,and pleasure ties.It is cammon in times of crisis and danger to secure slaves.

Much of the chaining on Gor is primarily aesthetic and symbolic.Chains are used far less for bondage than many would think.There are many reasons for chaining.Security against theft and the prevention of escape is but two reasons.It may also be done for educational reasons,to remind a girl she is a slave.It may be done to humiliate,especially in certain positions or as a punishment.If a girl is placed into close chains,her wrists and ankles are chained closely together.Over time,it builds up a considerable amout of pain.After about five Ahn,a girl is ready to serve most willingly.Chains can also enhance a girls beauty.The matter is partly aesthetic,partly emotional and partly intellectual.The greatest beauty of the chain lies in the realm of the intellect and emotions,in its meaning and how it makes a girl feel.Brands and collars offer little impediment to a girl actions,unlike a chain.Thus,chains show her slavery in a clear,unmistakable manner.Just the sight of chains can make many woman,even free woman,sexually uneasy.

A – sirik is a common type of slave steel.It consists of a collar and three light chains attached.The collar may be of any type.The chain is ten to twelve inches longer than is needed to reach from her collar and ankles.To the chain,at the natural fall of the wrists are attached slave bracelets.At the end of the chain,is a set of linked ankle rings.The sirik is graceful and designed to enchance a girl,s beauty.The sirik can also serve a leash.The chain widths are adjustable to adjust the latitude of movement.It is even possible in some siriks for a girl do dance.On a work sirik the wrists are granted about a yard more of chain so she can work without impediment.

An iron belt is a Gorean chastity belt.It consists two major pieces.One is rounded fitted,curved,barlike waistband that is flat at the ends.One end of this band,the right side standing behind the woman and looking forward,has a heavy,semicircular ring,or staple welded onto it.The other end,looking forward,has a slot in it which fits over the staple.The other major portion of the belt consists of a curved band of flat,shaped iron.One end of this flat band is curved and closed about the barlike waistband in the front.This produces a hinge.The flat,U shaped strap of iron swings on this hinge.On the other end of this flat band is a slot.It fits over the same staple as the other slot.The belt is then put on the girl and locked with a padlock.There are many varieties of this belt.The above is a plaine one.It may be used on white silks,to protec their status,or as discipline.Some jealous masters may also put their red silks in such belt to prevent the use of others.

Ear piercing is an act of claiming,akin to collaring.It is seen as tantamout to a sentence of irrevocable bondage.Ear piercing as a custom of Turia and spread north after Turia was conqured by the Wagon Peoples.It was originally done only the lowest and most sensuous slaves but as time went on,it has become cammon for all pleasure slaves to have it done.Many Gorean men find ear piercing extremely provocative.Ear piercing is done by leather workers using long needles.Pierced ear girls get high prices at auctions and sales.Earrings also play a part in the arousal of a kajira.The brushing of the side of her neck by an Earring stimulates a sensitive area.The tiny sounds of an Earring can also stimulate her.The whole of the idea makes a girl more responsive.The septum of the nose may also be pierced and a nose ring worn.Nose rings are most cammon for free woman and slaves of the Wagon People.It is considered more respectable than an ear piercing.Many domestic animals on Gor have nose rings.

There is a large industry in cosmetics for slaves.Most of the cosmetics that are worn by free woman are not considered approriate or sensual enough for slaves to use.Slave perfumes are usually heavier and more sensual scents than free woman ones.There are hundreds of varieties of slave perfumes.There are even colognes and perfumes for male slaves.There are one hundred and eleven basic shades of slave lipstick including flavored lipsticks.Toenails and fingernails are rarely painted on slaves.Some slaves may have painted nails at night though.In Turia and Ar,it is not uncommon for a slave to be depilated.

Auburn is a popular hair color for slaves and brings a high price.But,the dyeing of a girls hair is frowned upon.Goreans prefer natural colors,even if they are not auburn.Goreans also tend to like long hair on woman.A girl with short hair is often scorned and ridiculed.Slave hair is often worn long and loose,or confined in some simple way as with a ribbon or wooden fillet.Long hair can be used to secure a girl or gag her.Some masters like ponytails which is called the leash or hair leash as it can be used to grab and control a slave.Upswept hairdos are reserved for free woman or high slaves as it is a mark of status.The loosening of one,s hair is considered to be a sensuous act.If you ask who loosens her hair? you are asking to know who owns her.A slave flame,is a haircut where the hair comes swirling down the back.Many masters cut their girls hair.Shaving a slave,s head may be a punishment or a protection against lice in a confined area,especially aboard ships.The hair is also valuable and can be sold for profit.

Every woman,slave and free,is taught by puberty how to render submission.Her life might one day depend on it.If a free woman is ever captured,she must be prepared for that eventuality.Free woman learn how to prepare exotic dishes,the art of walking and standing,the care of a man,s wquipment,the love dances of the city,and much more.Once a girl is made a slave though,her training becomes much more intense.Slave training covers many diverse areas from the sexual arts.,to cosmetics and perfumes,to the ways to entering a room.All slaves learn the ways to please men,phsically,and intellectually.Proper training commonly takes several months to complete,at about five hours each day.A girl though will Always receive additional training by her master,according to his own interests and tastes.

The training of a Pleasure Slave is long and arduous.During the first week of training,a girl does nothing but kneel before a mirror in the position of a Pleasure Slave for serveral Ahn a day.In de week,she kneels the same but repeats out lood La Kajira,.In the third and fourth weeks,she learn the laws of natural order,relation of the sexes,and that woman are natural slaves.The girls are allowed to argue and debate during this time.They also learn in the fourth week to respond by rote to certain questions,some of them being quite complex.In the fifth week,she kneels again,repeating the questions and answers she learned.In the sixth week,she kneels and repeats aloud I love being a slave girl. The next weeks include a period of exercises.When not being trained,barbarians learn Gorean.After the period of exercise training,they learn how to stand,to walk,to kneel,to recline,to eat,and to drink.They also learn the domestic chores of sewing,laundry,and cooking.Their training also includes dances,songs,variety of kisses and caresses and sexual techniques.This is a very comprehensive training program.

Most slaves learn how to respond to various questions and answers are given here:

What are you? I am a slave girl.

What is a slave girl? A girl who is owned.

Why do you wear a brand? To show that I am owned.

Why do you wear a collar? That men may known who owns me.

What does a slave girl want more than anything? To please men.

What are you? I am a slave girl.

What do you want more than anything? To please men.

It can be easily seen that slave training is deeply psychological.It attempts to instill in a woman that she is only a slave whose duty to please men.This indoctrination is the framework for all further training.Without it,a kajira would not be happy or dutiful.Slaves must learn more than the actions of a slave.They must learn how to be a slave in their minds and hearts.To the Goreans,a girl is simply releasing her true inner nature.It is less an education that a simple acceptancea girl,s place within nature.

Goreans prefer a wide variety of kajirae.They find beauty in many different forms though some generalizations can be made.Many men prefer rounded bellies on slaves as they feel that firm,flat bellies are too much like young men.They alsp prefer normal-sized,lovely breasted,sweetly thighed girls with broad hips.The typical model on Earth not fare well on Gor.They would be too tall and too thin.Goreans also realize that many woman,after a year or two as a slave,increase considerably in beauty.Thus,an ordinary looking woman can transform into a vision.

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