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6159160149_d427c39c97_mThe Gorean philosophy is a philosophy expoused in the science fiction novels by John Norman.A number of fans of Norman,s work have attempted to live their lives according to this philosophy.The most conspicuous Gorean departure from mainstream modern norms is that Gorean promote sexual master-slave relationships.Some of this philosophy is condered with order of nature and the relationships between men and woman,which may or may not take the form of a master and slave dynamic.

Relation to BDSM.

The majority of Goreans who pursue a lifestyle approach often do not consider what they do to be BDSM.However,they are generally considerend part of the kinky subculture.In that context they reject the idea of isolated scenes.Imstead their practices may be described as 24/7,dominance and submission,and/or Total Power Exchange relationships.BDSM conceps of servitude and slavery typically play a key role in Gorean Dynamics.


The Gorean identity is founded on home,job and social order.The pillars of Gorean society are described as Home Stone,Caste System,and Order of Nature.Many who study and follow the Gorean morality do not own slaves.Slavery is not required to be Gorean.

Home Stone.

A Home Stone is a rock,which can be plain and simple or even a large precious stone,such as a topaz.It is about the size of a person,s fist.It is carved with a letter in it,often the family sign.A Home Stone represents sovereignty,and marks territory.Even peasants were considerend a sovereign in their hut,such is the strength of the ideal Home Stone.Villages,towns and cities also had Home Stones.Most Goreans would never stand in the way of a Man who carried a Home Stone,out of respect for the ideal of Home Stone,and the fierceness by which it would be defended.Living Goreans,those who follow Gorean,morality here on earth,hold the ideal of Home Stone very high.Home Stone as embodied on earth,is considerend to be sovereignty over oneself,as well as good citizenship,the two must be well-balanced,so that neither the individual nor the community suffers.


The Gorean,s occupation is formed and informed by their caste.The Caste system establishes the Gorean identity as strongly as homeland.Caste in Gor also define how the members of the caste are expected to behave.Each Caste is associated with a particular color Black for the Assassins,White for the Initiates,or set of colors,White and Gold for the Merchants,Yellow and Blue for the Slavers.One color Purple is not associated with a particular Caste,but with the function of ubar dictator elected to rule a city during a time of war.Because of the Gorean,s work ethic and pride in caste,all castes are essentially equal.There is a little social mobility because of this caste pride and identity,even the Peasant caste uphold their codes and firmly believe in their superiority to all other castes.But in actualy,a few castes are more equal than the others.Typically there is two forms to the Caste System.Those of the High caste represent the local city or town council,and their leaders form the basis for the local goverment.The Low caste typically are the trademen,merchants,artisans,craftsmen and other members of the local labor force in that city or town.Those of High Caste,including in order the Initiates-holy men, the White Caste,the Scribes,the Blue Caste,the Physicains,the Green Caste,and the Warriors,the Red Caste or the Scarlet have access to privileged educcation and opportunities to leadership.

Natural Order.

Typically the Gorean principle of male dominance is this:Males tend to be dominant and females tend to be submissive.Male dominance is seen as part of the natural order,a biological truth.As partical support,the Gor books stated that most mammals and all primates are male dominated.That is false as there are at least two species of primates that are female dominated.On Gor,male dominace is a generality,not an absolute.Woman on Gor can attain the highest ranks of power on Gor,becoming the absolute rulers of Gorean cities.

Philosophy of Gorean Slavery.

Here is Gorean philosophy concerning slavery of woman:

As stated before,Goreans believe that woman have a natural desire to be slavery.Every woman has this desire.Also they believe that woman have a huge desire to please men.They strive for perfection.They want to be submissive.Woman want to be controlled by men.A men word is final.Gor strictly believes in the natural order.There arent any exceptions to this rule.Men Always dominate,woman Always submit.All woman beg the collar (desire a master).Woman slaves are collared once owned and beg to be owned,according to Gorean philosophy.

Why do Woman Choose Gor.

There are many theories,but the most cammon one is their desire to be submissive to have a master control her life.This is known in the BDSM culture itself,so it,s not uncommon.Other theories are history of sexual abuse and manipulation,some Gor masters manipulate woman to join them.Either way,most Gor slaves angree that they willingly partcipate in this.

Types of Gorean Slaves.

White silk slaves:a woman slave who hasn,t lost her virginity.This is indicated by tring a white ribbon to her collar.

Red silk slaves: a woman slave that has had seks.This is indicated by tying a red ribbon to her collar.

These are how slaves are usually separated.From there they are separeted into these categories:

Pleasure Slave: a slave trained in the arts of pleasure,including slave dance,slave postions,these are not sexual postions,but postions used in their culture,cooking,being pleasant and sexual services.

Passion Slave: a slave trained and used for sexual services only.

Feast Slaves: a slave that serves food along with other personal decide by their master.

Serving Slaves: a slave  usually owned by a mistress.They prepare warm baths,help remove clothing,comb hair,and complete most domestic chores.

House Girls.Same as serving slaves,but they only complete domestic chores.They are owned by Masters.

Rights of Gorean Slaves.

Followers of Gor believe Gorean slaves have rights of being a woman.They want to perform,act,and be a woman.Being a woman,according to Gorean philosophy,is pleasing a man in various ways.

Here are other rights of Gorean slaves:

Once you are a Gorean slave,you lose all human rights.Anything you did before enslavement is erased from your past.You are not to talk about it,since your identity is kajira,a slave.

Slaves arent seen as people.They are according to Gorean followers,human animals.

Masters make decisions for them.They lose rights to their name.Their Masters chooses their name,although slaves are not allowed to refer themselfes by name.

Their master can discipline or destroy their people at any time.Gorean law supports this.

A kaijra only goal in life is to bring pleasure and comfort to their master.

There are different types of slaves.Some slaves purely serve as sexual objects,while others are masterful at cooking.

Slaves do not question anything.They do as they are told.Refusal to do anything results in discipline.

Slaves must strive for perfection.

Not only must slaves do their work well,but it must be done in a feminine,graceful way that expresses their sexually.

Gorean woman retain the right to refuse slavery.If a master wants to enslave a woman and she refuse,however,she may be killed.

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Names for kajirae  www.gor.net

Slave Rules.

What is a kajira.

Simply,a kajira is a gorean slave girl,who is collared and/or branded.Slaves submission comes from deep within her belly.If owned,she belongs to her Master completly ( mind and body,heart and soul ) and unconditionally.A slave girl sole purpose is to be pleasing to men.Deep in the belly,too,of every female is a desire, more ancient than the caves,to be forced to yield to the ruthless domination of a magnificent,uncompromising.Male,a Master; deep within they all wish to submit, vulnerably and completly,nude,to such a beast.This is completly clear in their fantasies;earth,culture of course,gives little scope to these blood needs,frustrated, tend to express themselves in neurosis,hysteria and hostility.

Marauders of Gor p.136

You are slave.You are owned.You are female,you will be forced to be a woman.The Gorean man will accept no compromise on your femininity,not from a slave. She will be what he wishes,and that is a woman,fully and his.If necessary,you will be whippend or starved.You may fight with your Master.He will if he wishes allow this prolong the sport of your conquest,but in the end it is you who are slave.It is you who will lose.

Tribesmen p.12

General Rules.

Slaves address all Free men and woman as Master or Mistress.If their gender cannot be determined by the nick,use Master until corrected beg mercy for your error,and them make note.All slaves nicks begin with a lowercase letter.Master or Mistress nick begins with a uppercase letter.While free men may not always be right,they are by definition never wrong.

Slaves have no rights,you own nothing.Even your name is not your own,it can be changed at anytime ( infact,for a unowned slave it may be changed several times at a free men,s whim so be prepared ).Any items your owner gives you can just easily be taken away.His will supersedes your own,and his tiniest whim is your absolute law.

Jealousy and possessiveness of one,s Owner you not be coming in a slave.It,s you who are owned,not he.While any human may feel these emotions a slave girl does not act upon them,it may be how you handle these feelings.When you experience them that speak for your maturtity and growth in your slavery.

Your collar carries the honor of the Home or your Owners,your attitude can make it as light as a feather or as heavy as the Sadar Mountains.

Perfection and services and submission is your goal.

If  you are not in service,or on the mats,you may greet.

Slaves will always be in the tower position,unless there silk lever allows then other wise.

Slaves will perform obeisanse,this is called prostrate,in gor is called karta.The only excepttion is the slave who at the same time as her/his Master or Mistress will then enter with the Owner.

Slaves do not use the first person pronous,there is no I,or me,or mine in a slave voccabulary.They use this slave,or this slut.

Slaves be always clean,shave her body,have beautiful hair,nice nails.

Always obey and trust your Owner above all others.

Slaves should strive at all times to be: loyal,honest,open,kind,loving.

Slaves need to learn about serves,drinks,food,silks,collars,branding,piercing,dance,castes.

The bracet after a slave,s nick is the slave collar the initals are of the Master, Mistress,Castle,Taverne,Inn or channel that owns the slave.Some use the slave nick with brachets after and the Master,Mistress or channel,s initals ( slave{Owner} ). The slaves nick in the brachet with the Free Person/channel letter outside }slave{Owner.

Slave,s say Greetings,Masters and Mistress say Tal.Althongh in the books of Gor slaves say tal,some as Free Person.At this time either is accept within the keep a slave may say greetings,or tal,as it is what is in the books.

True Gorean slaves do not curtsey.

Gorean slaves never sit unless command or placed upon the lap/furs of a Master/Mistress.

Slaves are expected to know the postions of: tower,nadu,bara,lesha,sula

and the command of a Master/Mistress to property and quick assume the postions.White silks slaves never sula,for anyone except their own Master/Mistress or Potector.

Slaves do not own possesions,everthing a collered slave has,the slave Master/      Mistress owns.Examples silks,slave bells,earrings,collar,name,heart,body,mind,   and soul.

New slaves should be in white silks and learn the customs and rules before doing anything private with a Master.


Brands,Collar,Slave Silks,and Slave Dress.

A brand is a symbol,burned in to the flesh of a slavegirl by her Master,which marks her as property.

Most simply the brand is supposed to convince the girl that she is truly owned.It is supposed to make her feel owned.When the iron is pulled away and she   knows thee pain and degradation and smells the odor of her burned flesh,she is supposed to tell herself understanding it,s full and terrible import I AM THIS.

The brand is an impersonal designation of an absene of status in the social structure is perhaps another reason.Why Masters do not often brand their own slavegirl,the brand relationship to the free man is institutional.The collar relationship,on the other hand is an intensely personal one.

In therory,if not in practive,when the slavegirl finds herself branded like as an animal finds her fair skin marked by the iron of a Master.She cannot fail,somehow,in the deepest levels of her thought, to regards herself as something which is owned as mere property.As something belonging to the brute who has put the burning iron to her thigh.

Here some brands.

The Kef: is the cammon kajira brand.It,s more slender,more vertical,more like a stem with floral cursive loops,about an inch and a half height,and a half inch in width.It was i would later learn the inital letter in cursive script of the gorean expression Kajira ( Slavegirl ).

The Dina: it,s was a smal flower stylized,it was curcular about an inch and a half in diameter,it was not unlike a small rose.It was credible lovely and delicate.

The mark of the Tahari: Taharic is a very graceful script.The inital printed letter of Kajira rather than the cursive letter.As generally,is used as the cammon brand for woman in the Tahari.Both the cursive letter in cammon Gorean and printed letter in Taharic are rather lovely.Both being somewhat floral in appearance.

The Collar.

The collar entrused to you carries the name of your Owner.Your behavior can determine the weight or permanence of the collar you wear.The {} for females or [ ] for males after a slave nick is their Owners collar.The initals are of the Master,Mistress or Tavern which owns the slave.


The piercing of a girl ears is considered the ultimate degradation.Unlike nose piercing,a pratice cammon among Free Woman of the wagon people and sometimes used to increase the beauty of male slaves,pierced ears are very visible sign of a girls slavery.Even a brand and collar can be hidden under clothing.Piercing a girl ears vitually quarantees she will always be a slave.To the Gorean,the piercing of the woman ear with its analog of penetration.And the fixing in it of earrings,chosen by the Master.Ornamenting her for his pleasure,is an act of power and clemency scarcelyless significant than her branding and collaring.

Slave Silks.

White Silk Slave: these girls are virgins,not merely reseved for her Masters sole use.They are permittend to serve drinks and food and engage in conversation,but their sexual use is forbidden.

Red Silk Slave: are non virginal slaves.Red silk slaves may generally be used by any whom desire her usage,but may be reserved for the sole use of the Owner if collared.Sometimes payment is made to the Owner for the use of the slave.Any uncollared slave who is red silk should be prepared to be well used as red silk.They are to spend their time learning how be more pleasing in sensual ways.

Yellow Silk Slave: was worn by tavern slaves in few of the novels.A tavern girl,s is rented from the tavern owners and in usually included in the price of paga.

Gray Silk Slave: state owned slaves wore gray of striped slave livery.

Black Silk Slave: passion slaves bred for specific attributes through to be extremly well trained in the passion arts.

The above silks are a indication of a slave status.A girl dressed as a slave will wear whatever pleasure Owner.For instance,a girl may be naked or wear any color silk,and still be classified as red silk slave.

Chains: chains is used to better display the beauty of a slave,rather than confine her it,s consists of a collar attached to a length of a collar.A few feet down the chain is a pair manacles,and at the end of the chain is a set shachles.Threaded on thongs or chains and locked around a girls wrists and ankles or attached to her collar.


He is Master,and I am slave

He is Owner,and I am owned

He commands,and I obey

He is to pleased,and I am to please

Why is this?

Because He is Master,and I am slave.

Why do you wear a brand?

to show that i am owned,

Why do you wear a collar?

that men may know who owns me

Who train you?

everyone interact with gives me an apportunity to learn in a formal way,my Master may choose anyone to train his slave.

Do you have a brand? No Master

Why? because i have not yet proven my slavery.

Do you wear a collar? Yes Master

What of sort of collar you wear?

a personal collar Master,it,s show that i belong fully to me Master,and may do whatever He wishes with this slave.

Slave Postions can you find on this site.

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