Slavery Equipment 1

560c7f67dd4cd563c680ce154b1dfb05Gorean slavery is a major institution and many items have been invented and designed to aid in its practice.Many of these items were created to fill specific need of the Slaver,s Caste and others were developed simply  for the use of any slave owner.The following is a sampling of a number of tools,equipment and items used in slavery.There are undoubtedly other items that exist as well that have yet to be mentioned or described in the books.Most of the items described here come in a wide variety of types,geared to one,s personal preferences.It is possible that some people have even custom ordered items to fit their particular preferences and such custom made items may not be generally available.

Anchor ring: This is essentially a steel ring to which a slave or any other animal may be chained or tied.Anchor rings may be set on the exterior of buildings or on poles to hold tharlarions or kaiila.They may also be known as slave rings.Please see the entry on slave ring for further details.

Anesthic darts: These darts are covered with an unknown anesthetic substance,meant to render a victum unconscious.The darts can be thrown or used to stab someone,thus injecting the substance into the bloodstream.It takes about forty ihn to render someone unconscious.Due to this lengthy span,capture scent is often more effective.It is unknown if an antidote exists to prevent the unconsciousness before the forty ihn are up.

Belly chain: This length of chain will fit around a kajira,s wrist and cannot be lowered to the ground due to woman generally having wide hips.There is also a padlock on the chain behind the girls back.Attached to the front of the chain may be a medallion bearing the,,kef,, symbol to identify the girl as a slave.

Binding fiber: This is commonly a strong twine made of strips of leather or a fiber like that has been created to hold slaves and prisoners.A piece is often long enough to encirle a slave,s wrist up to three times.It may even be used as a belt for her slave tunic.The binding fiber is most often used in the capture and binding of slaves but it can also serve other functions.It may be used as a leash or even as a whip.

Blindfold: The common Gorean blindfold consists of three seperate pieces.There are two rounded pieces of soft felt,about three to four inches in diameter.These are to cover the eyes.There is then some type of binding to hold the patches against the eyes.This could be a long cloth or scarfthat is wrapped several times around a person,s head.This method prevents a person from being able to easily peer out from the blindfold as is possible with many common Earth blindfolds.A slave hood,not a blindfold,is more commonly used when transporting slaves when you do not wish the slave to know where she is going.Though a slave hood offers greater protection,and a blindfold is far easier to remove by a slave,the blindfold has its own advantages.The less cover the blindfold allows a girls mouth to be visible and available.

Ankle rack: This is a wooden device similar to a set of stocks though this device is only for a person,s ankles.It is constructed of two wooden pieces,each with two semicircular openings on the edge of the wooden block.The two wooden pieces are hingend on one side.On the other side,the blocks can be secured by a staple,hasp and padlock.In Schendi,the ankle rack may be used in a form of punishment where one,s feet are severed.This is performed on a slave in the blocks and it is unclear whether this punishment may also apply to free people or not.The rack is suspended in the air so that the victum hangs down,their feet the highest part of their body.Their hands will just touch the grounds and they can be used to hold the person up,taking some of the pressure off of the ankles.From that position,a man may then use a scimitar to severe the feet at the ankles.

Body chain: This item is often considered a type of slave jewelry but it can be easily used to restrain the girl as well.The body chain consists of a length of chain,about five feet long,that can be looped around a girls throut or body.The manner in which the chain is wrapped around the girl varies according of the preference of her owner.The chain is not very heavy thought it is quite solid and well able to act as adequate security.This chain if used as jewelry,may be decorated with wooden beads,semiprecious gems,bits or leather,ribbons or any other similar type of item.These chains are have two sets of detachable clips so that the chain can act as a security device.The clips include a pair of snap clips and one of lock clips.A body chain costs about one tarsk bit.

Body hood: See the entry for slave sack.

Branding irons: Most slaves girls are branded to identify them as slaves.They are most commonly branded on the outside of the left thigh,right thigh,or on her lower left abdomen.A girl though can be branded anywhere on her body.A girl is likely to be branded only once in her life.The most common brand is the Kef,the first letter of Kajira in cursive script.The Gorean word for a brand is,,kan-lara,,.Though mechanical devices exist to brand girls most men prefer hand branding.Hand branding does give a more personal brand,instead of the uniform brand from a mechanical device.Branding is also commonly left up to experts,Iron Masters.An owner would rarely brand his own slaves.Most branding irons have a symbol that is one to two inches high.The iron will be well heated before the branding.If a second girl is to be branded with the same iron,then the iron would be first cleaned and then reheated.Thus this is not aquick process.A girl is branded for about 3 ihn,about 4 Earth seconds.She will be shown the hot branding iron before it is applied to her skin,to give her some indication of what is to occur.

Branding rack: Applying a hot branding iron to a girl is going to cause her great pain and her body is going move.Thus,a branding rack is most often used to hold a girl during this process,to prevent her movements and thus encure a good brand.The girl,s arms will be chained over her head on this rack.Her ankles will be similarly chained to the rack.Heavy metal slats will then be wrapped around thighs to hold her motionless.The slats leave sufficient bare flesh revealed so that either thigh can be easily branded.Though a girl could be held down by a man while she was branded,the rack provides more assurance that the girl will not move and ruin a good brand.

Brands, penalty: Besides the normal slave branding irons,there are also irons for punishment brands.These penalty brands are smaller than normal slave brands,often only a quarter of an inch high.These brands mark someone as a liar,thief,or traitlor.Other such brands may also exist for other types of offenses though they were not specifically listed within the books.

Capture scent: This is a liquid like chloroform,used to render unconscious a captive.If a person is forced to inhale this substance,it will soon knock them out.It is often soaked into a cloth and then placed over the nose and mouth of a potential victum.Capture scent will render a woman unconscious in five ihn.It is unknown if it would longer on a man and if so,how much longer.A woman victim might fight for an ihn or two but she would then be too sluggish and then would fall unconscious.This is thus a quick acting substance,a very effective tool for a Slaver.

Coffle rope: This item is common to Torvaldsland and is used to link together a group of slaves.The rope is made of braided leather,about a half inch thick,and cored with wire.The wire prevents girls from chewing through the leather.

Collar: There are a number of different types of devices that are made to fit around the neck of a slave and act as a collar.The most common varieties are made of iron or steel though leather and rope may also serve as a collar.The most common collar for woman is a flat, light band of metal that fits snugly around the neck and that locks in the back.A key is needed to open the lock which is usually a pin lock with six pins,one for each of the letters in the word kajira.Some collars can be quite expensive andornate,bejeweled and made from precious metals.Those such collars though are quite rare.Some collars may be enameled in different collars as a decorative matter.The most common neck sizes for collars are the ten to twelve hort sizes.For male slaves they have a much simpler collar,generally an iron band hammered onto their necks and riveted shut.They cannot be removed except by a metal worker.Collars serve several functions.First they are a visible symbol that one is a slave.Second they often identify a girls master and his city.The collars are commonly engraved with this information though certain types of collars do not permit engraving.Some of those collars have alternative means to identify a girls master.Third the collar can be used with various restraining devices,chains,leashes ect,to better secure a girl.

Collar – coffle: This type of collar is commonly used when transporting a group of slaves.There are several varieties of this collar available.One type has rings on the front and back.The collar is hinged on the right side and locks on the left,not in the rear like the cammon collar.A length of chain,about three to four feet long,is linked to the front and rear rings and between each slave.There is another type of coffle collar that has a hinge in the front and locks in the back.It has a single ring,usually on the right side.A single chain is then threaded through the rings of all of the girls on the coffle.Snap rings are then used to space the girls on the chain.

Collar -dancing: There are many varieties of dancing collars and they may have originated in the Tahari region of Gor.They may also be known as dancing chain.Basically a dancing collar has several attached chains that are used to enchange a slave girl,s dancing.A  traditional type in the Tahari is the oval and collar.Before a girl is placed within this item,she is readied,often being belled,permumed,and garbed in dancing silks.The girl will then be placed in the middle of an oval of a light chain.She will kneel,her head down and will extend her arms out.There are wrist rings near the top of the chain and they are attached to the girls wrists.The bottom of the chain has rings that are attached to the girls ankles.The dancing collar is then placed around her neck.The front of the collar has a snap ring.The chain is then gathered into the left hand and then locked into the snap ring,though the chain can move freely.Usually the chain between the girls wrists is about three feet long and the chain between her ankles is only eighteen inches.The girl will then dance,using the chain in that dance to enhance its beauty and grace.The chain does not interfere much in the dance but it does serve to limit the dance in small but significant ways.

Collar message: This is also known as a Turian message collar,likely as it ead the of origin of this collar type.It is a leather collar,often thick and high on a girls neck.A document is sewn into the lining of the collar.This meant to be a cover method of sending a message to someone.It would work best where people were not familiar with such collars.Those aware of such collars could sinply check all leather collars for messages.

Collar – plank: This is a wooden collar formed by two boards.A semicirle has been cut from both boards and they create a circle when the two boards are placed each other.The boards are then held in place by five flat,sliding U irons.There are also two hasps and staples on each end of the boards.Padlocks are used on the hasps and staples to lock the collar shut.This is semilar to a wooden stocks.

Collar – plate: This type of collar does not have a lock.It is a more permanent collar,one requiring a metal worker to create and remove.Two narrow and straight bars of iron,about fifteen inches long and half an inch wide,are used to create this collar.A metal worker will use a hammer over an anvil to curve the iron into a circular shape around the slaves neck.When the collar is completed,there will be a gap of about a quarter of an inch between the two ends of the collar.This type of collar is probably more likely to be used for male slaves.

Collar -shipping:  This is a basic collar worn by slaves when they are being transported by ship.The collar signifies that the slave is a part of a ship,s cargo.

Collar – Turian: The Turian collar,which orginated in the city of Turia, is a round hinged ring.It is not the flat band of metal like many common Gorean collars.The ring lies loosely on a slave,s neck but it stll cannot remove by that slave.It is loose enough that if someone holds the collar,the slave can turn completely around in it.It is harder to engrave this ring though than a normal collar.Thus the engraving will often be simpler than what information might be found on a normal collar.

Collar – stocking:This is also sometimes known as a collar sleeve.It is simply a covering for a collar used to enhance a girls beauty.The stocking can be made from many different materials such as silk ,velvet or other cloths.These stockings though are not common in most cities and there is no reason given for why that is the case.Possibly most Goreans prefer to see the metal of the collar rather than covering it up.

Control stick: This item consists of a two foot long stick with a chain loop at one end.The chain loop is meant to go around the neck of a slave girl.There is a leather loop at the other end of the stick that commonly is placed on the right wrist of the slave,s owner.There is a trigger on the stick that the owner can use to either tighten or loosen the chain loop.thus signaling and directing the slave.Thus a girl could walk in front of her owner and be signaled as to what direction to walk by the master controlling the stick.

Dancing chain: See the entry for Collar -dancing.

Gag: There are many varieties of slave gags on Gor,and some versions might even be considered to be cruel.The basic idea ofthe gag is to prevent a person from speaking.Gag types include ball gags,and metal and leather lock gags.A common gag has a wadding of a metal sphere,usually covered with leather.A metal locking bar or strap passes through this sphere.A ratchet and pawl permits this type of gag to be fitted to the individual slave.There are two general size ranges,a larger one for men and a smaller for woman,though they each can be adjusted.These gags though are seldom worn by men.These gags are secure enough that a slave could not remove it even if their hands were free.

Girl – capture chain: This is like a common garrote in many aspects.It consists of a narrow chain that ends in wooden handles on each end.This chain will choke its victum but will not slice into the throat.Thus it will subdue without injuring which is a necessity if you are using it to capture slaves.The chain can be adjust by spinning one of the wooden handles and can be controlled by only one hand.

Gyves: This is an archaic Earth term for a fetter or shackle,especially for the leg.

Harl ring: This item is named for a Slaver,Harl of Turia,who first used it.The Harl ring consists of four pieces.First there is a metal ankle ring that locks onto a slave ankle.Second on the back of the ankle ring is welded a closed metal loop.Third on the front of the ankle ring,fastened to another closed metal loop,is about three feet of chain.Fourth the chain ends in a locking device that can be secured to the back of a second ankle ring.It is a very versatile item and can be use to chain a girl to nearly anything.A closed Harl ring is where you lock the chain on its own ankle ring around a tree,pole or similar item.Harl rings are frequently used to form slave coffles.Harl rings are convenient especially as a single key will lock and unlock all of the rings on such a slave coffle.

Hook – bracelets: These items are leather cuffs with locks and snaps ob them.They are soft and the snaps do not require a key.By means of the snaps,the girl can be secured in various manners.These items may be used in the pleasure alcoves of paga taverns.

Iron Pens: Iron Pens generally refers to all of the subterranean retention facilities in the house of a slaver,not simply cages,but pits,steel drums,wall chains and such,it is the name of an area,on the whole,rather than a literal description of the nature of the only sort of security devices found there.( Assassin of Gor,p.122).

Iron Belt: This is a Gorean chastity belt.They are primarily used protect slave girls from unauthorized slave rape.They are more likely to be used on white silks where the owner does not want the girl to lose that status on the Streets.It would be uncommon for a red silk wandering the Streets to be wearing an iron belt. There are many varieties of the iron belt.A plain iron belt consists to two primary pieces.One piece is arounded,fitted,and curved waistband,flattened at the ends.This obviously fits around a girls waist.The end of this band on the right side has a ring or staple welded onto it.The other end has a slot that fits over the staple,thus allowing the slot to fit overthe staple so that a lock can be attached.The second piece is a curved band or flat,shaped metal that fits between a girls legs.One end of this piece curves and closes about the waistband in the front,creating a hinge.The flat,U shaped strap of iron swings on this hinge.On the other end of this piece is a slot that fits over the same staple as the other slot.It can then be locked with a padlock.The second pieces has a slot at its bottom,about three inches long and 3/8 inches wide.The interior edges of this slot are serrated,which could be quite nasty to anyone attempting to penetrate that slot.

Kurt: See the entry for whip.

Leashes: The most common leash has a lock snap and closes about the collar or collar ring.There are also specific wrist and ankles leashes.Many leashes are cored with wire so that a girl cannot chew through them.A leash is a very versatile item.They can be used to tether a girl.They can be used to lead a girl,especially in crowds.They may be used as a training device and most leashes are long enough to serve as an impromptu whip.A slave can use the leash to entice her master.Some Goreans may test a new slave potential by leashing her and then watching to see if she subly and unconsciously will use the leash to be enticing.

Leash,choke: A common leash will not choke a girl or impede her breathing in any way.A choke leash has been specially designed to choke a slave if she tries to resist.This is most often used as a disciplinary or training measure.

Leash collar: This collar has been specially created for the use of a leash.It is a high collar with two buckle fastenings.There is a metal plate that is riveted onto the collar and there is an iron ring on the plate.The plate may be located on the front or back of the collar.The leash is attached to the ring on the plate.If the plate is in the front,the slave often walks behind the master on the leash.If the plate is in the back,the slave will either walk beside or in front of her master.

Leg spreader: This item may only exist among the Red Savages.It is most often used by the Red Savages on their white female slaves.There are serveral different types of leg spreaders.There is a single position leg spreader that essentially consists of a length of wood,a pole or a board,with a hole at each end.A girls ankles are tied at the location of the holes,thus spreading her legs.This type of spreader only allows the legs to be spread in one position.Still other spreaders have multiple poles or boards that can slide apart.These spreaders can also be used on the wrists though that is less common.

Manacles: These items are also known as slave bracelets.They are used to secure wrists and ankles.Manacles commonly have fixed sizes and there are four common sizes.The sizes are numbered one to four.One is small,two and three are average,    and four is a large.Most manacles though are adjustable for any of the four sizes.Ankle manacles use the same size numbers as wrists but they are actually larger.For example,a size two ankle manacle has an interior circimference of seven horts but a size two wrist ring is only five horts.Manacles for men and woman use the same numbers but they use different scales,male manacles of their slave to match.Manacles in Torvaldsland are much plainer than those in the south.These manacles are curved,hinged bands of black iron,about 3/4 of an inch wide and 1/4 inch thick.

Nets: A variety of nets are used in the capture of slaves.Capture nets are used to subdue individual slaves.The nets are commonly circular,very strong and weighted so they can more easily be thrown.Wall nets are used to subdue groups of slaves.They are large enough to block an escape route.Potential slaves will be chased into an area where the wall nets are set up to capture them.Even sleen nets used mostly to capture those wild animals, may be used to also capture slaves.In general,nets are used primarily in rural areas where there is more room to use them.The congestion within cities nullifies some of the advantages of the net.

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