What is a Gorean Slave

809129200e06d20b80ff9230e585794bWhat is a Gorean slave? In this essay,i am concentrating on real-time consensual slavery so the answer to this question will be based on that context.Such consensual slavery is a common aspect of the Gorean lifestyle,though it is not an absolute necessity to that lifestyle.There has been much discussion and disagreement over the use of the term slave for much real-time consensual relationships.As these relationships are consensual,then the cammon definition of slave is not truly appropriate.It is certainly not a legal slavery where a person is truly legally owned.It is more akin to an extreme form of submission.The term slave is generally considered more appropriate than the term submissive.

Yet the Gorean lifestyle is not the only one to use the term slave,to refer to such a relationship.Within BDSM,the term is used as well,and often refers to those who practice Total Power Exchange or Internal Enslavement.

In the Gorean lifestyle,consensual slavery reflects the slavery depicted within the books but there are modifications as well,to conform to the realities of Earth.But there is no single standard of which modifications are necessary and or permissible.Each Gorean Master/slave relationship will differ,dependent upon the personal preferences of the individuals involved in that relationship.Though some generalities may be accepted concerning such relationships,they are certainly not absolute standards.Thus it can be very difficult to define the parameters of a slave as so many different standards are in effect.But a definition of slave is not the objective of this essay.What is of concern here is the adjective,Gorean as applied to this phrase.

What makes this type of slavery Gorean?

Does it simply reflect the custums,rituals and traditions of slavery portrayed within the Gorean books such as the positions,commands,dances and serves?

Does it simple reflect the status of a slave,s Master,that he is Gorean?

Can a slave be Gorean but be owned by a man who is not Gorean?

Can a Gorean man own a slave who is not Gorean?

Does the adjective Gorean reflect the philosophy as well?

Can a consensual slave practice the Gorean philosophy?

Is the philosophy only applicate to free people?

Do slaves need to concern themselves at all with the Gorean philosophy?

It is important to gain a sence of the definition of Gorean before further exploring the answers to these questions.This first step is fraught with some difficulty,as different people will define Gorean in many different ways.But the context of the inquiry is very significant in determining which definition is most appropriate.For example a simple definition of Gorean would be a person born on the planet Gor.Such a definition would not behelpful in many varied contexts.It certainly would not be appropriate for a context where we are concentrating on the real-time emulation of Gor.Thus as we are dealing with real-time consensual slavery,we should confine our context to real time,narrowing the possible definitions we need to adress.This will lessen our burden some.

When we are discussing real time Gor,there are two basics options,the philosophy and the lifestyle.Within each option,there will be various opinions of what makes up that option,but we can these two choices as a convenient separation.They at least give us a good starting foundation.So let us try better define these two options.The philosophy is the basic,underlying principles of Gor that delineate what people are to believe.She might be reterred to as a Gorean,s slave,indicating that she is owned by a Gorean,but she would not be a Gorean slave.

So,by this logic,what would make a slave Gorean? She would become Gorean if she followed the Gorean philosophy.If she does not follow the philosophy,then she not really Gorean.She is simply following Gorean customs and institutions without the acceptance and practice of the underlying belief structure.She would just be a slave owned by a Gorean man.Would we accept a free person as being Gorean if they did not follow a Gorean philosophy.No we should not.So why should we accept a slave as Gorean if she did not follow the philosophy.Does her status as a slave absolve her of that requirement.And if so,why would het status so absolve her.

The reasoning of the Stoics and Christians was that though a Master may own a slave,s body and can control many of the slave,s actions,the Master does not control the slaves mind,heart and soul.A slave still possesses free will though their may be in chains.They Always possess the ability to disobey.They Always possess the ability whatever thoughts they wish.They Always possess the ability to embrace any philosophy or religious though they wish.Thus, a slave could often hold true to the principles of a philosophy or religion because of the freedom the slave possessed in their mind,heart and soul.Legal slave owners throughout history have realized this about fact about their slaves.

This is also the reality of consensual slavery,if not more than for a legal slave.A consensual slave Always has the power to end the relationship by walking away.  And she has full legal protection to do so.She can willingly disobey her Master,s orders.She might be punished for it,but she does have the free will to disobey if she so desires.A Master does not possess any special power to suddeley change a girl,s thoughts.He may try to convince and persuade her to think certain matters,but that can be done to anyone,slave or not.And still,that person must willingly accept the change of thought.A Master can tell a girl to commit certain actions,but that is control of her body not her mind.And i am sure no real time slaves would commit any action that she considered a serious violation of her own morality,her own ethical principles.If a slave was ordered to kill someone,or sever her own arm,i seriously doubt she would do so.And if she did,she would probably need serious pschological help.Even the Gor novels indicate the truth of this matter.How many slaves,who are considered excellent slaves with many years of training,show willful disobedience at times?They retain their minds no matter how long their bondage.They may accept certain matters about their slavery,but it is their own voluntary acceptance.It is not an idea that their Master has forcefully changed.The lifestyle includes the philosophy but takes it one step further,embracing some of the societal and cultural institutions of Gor as well.There will be a dispute over exactly what principles make up the philosophy.There will be a dispute over what societal institutions to emulate in the lifestyle,as well as how to emulate them and what modifications to make.The disputes are basically irrelevant to our current discussion.All we need to be concerned with is that basic options,philosophy and lifestyle.

Now,as both of these options include the philosophy then it would seem very important to defining real time Gor.If a person emulated the societal institutions of Gor without following the Gorean philosophy,i doubt many would consider that person to be Gorean.Simply claiming to have a Home Stone certainly does not automatically make someone Gorean.Simply being in a free Companionship certainly does not automatically make someone Gorean.Unless you also follow the philosophy,you are simply going through the motions of some custom,convention or ritual.In a different context,would simply attending Sunday mass make one a Christian?No.Would simply voting Liberal in one election make you a Liberal?No.  There must be a deeper belief system involved.

Thus,a Gorean slave would be in a similar situation to a Gorean,free man of free woman.To be Gorean,they would all have to follow the Gorean philosophy.And i fully believe that a slave can do so,can follow a Gorean philosophy.I do not believe the Tenets of Gorean philosophy would conflict with her slavery.In fact,they are likely to support such a condition.I have never heard anyone argue that any tenet of Gorean philosophy would conflict with someone who is a Gorean slave.Though to be honest,i have heard few people state that slaves also follow a Gorean philosophy.Most people do not seem believe that it is possible for them to do so.They feel that the Master has the power to prevent them from doing so.

Now,a Gorean slave would tend to be owned by a Gorean Master.They could be owned by a non Gorean Master but that would be a rarity.Now if she were owned by a Gorean Master, then by definition her Master would also a Gorean philosophy.And if both of them,Master and slave,followed a Gorean philosophy,then there would be far less chance there would be any conflicts.Logically,why would a Gorean man want his slave to oppose the Gorean philosophy? Why would he ever command her to commit acts against the philosophy? It makes far more sence that a Gorean Master would encourage his slave acceptance and adherence to the Gorean philosophy.

The most important thing for a slave/kajira to understand,is that her primary duty is absolute obedience.