Kajira Basics 1

03df36ca4c3c9400693ac4cb5f552456On Gor,slavery is an ancient,historically developed institution.It is complex,with its hundreds of aspects and facets,legal,social and aesthetic.Slavery has its basis in the biological differences of men and woman.Male dominance is pervasive among mammals and universal among primates.Goreans accept slavery as a natural part of life and few questions its basic validity.Female slavery is the institutionalized expression,in a civilzation congenial to nature,of the fundamental biological relationship between sexes.In the institution of female slavery we find this basic relationship recoqnized,accepted,clarified,fixed and celebrated.(Savages of Gor,p.193-4).

Gorean mythology even provides a story justifying the creation of slavery.Long ago,there once was a war between the men and woman of Gor.In the end,the woman were defeated.But,the Priest-Kings did not want all the woman killed so they made them beautiful.This was to entice the men to want to keep them instead of slaving them.But as a price for their beauty,the Priest-Kings also decreed that woman would forever be slaves to men.Sometimes in the past,there were a series of wars loosely called the Slave Wars.They occurred among various cities in the middle latitudes,off and on,for over a period of about a generation.Though the wars involved large-scale slaving,there were other causes too,like the levying of tribute and the control of trade routes.Much of theMerchant law concerning slavery evolved out of these wars.The wars also developed some of the standardization of the slave as commodity.

The Gorean novels portray a skewed image of the amount of slaves on Gor.As slaves are often important characters in the novels,the books at first glance might cause you to believe that most woman were slaves on Gor.In actuality,only about 2 to 3 % of all woman on Gor are slaves.Free woman vastly outnumber kajira on Gor.These ratios do vary though from city to city.For example,in ar there are about 20 % slaves.In Thama,after the revolution against the Tatrix,almost all of woman in that city were slaves.(online the number of slaves is over 50 %.).Of all the slaves on Gor,90 % of them are female.So,male slaves are a very rare item,only about 2 a 3 % of the men of Gor.There are many terms used for female slaves such as chain sisters,slut,collar meat,tastas,tasty pudding,morsels and candies.Kajira is one of the most common terms for a female slave.Sa-Fora,which means Chain Daughter or Daughter of the Chain,is another common expression.For the most part,these terms are considered complimentary.

Slaves are broken down into two major categories,white and red silk.Simply,white silk girls are Virgins and red girls are not.The color of the silk bears no reference to their level of training.A White Silk girl could be a fully trained pleasure slave while a Red Silk girl could be a new recruit from Earth who did not even speak Gorean yet.No other color silk means anything on Gor.Yellow silks,black silks and the such are online creations and are not based on information from the books.

White silk girls may also be known by the term glana,but that is usually only used by slavers.A kajira would not refer to herself as glana.Slave may also be referred to as opened or not.If you have not yet been opened,you are a virgin.Virgins are almost never available in the slave markets.Most Gorean men prefer opened woman.Virgins present special problems,especially psychological ones.Within two categories of red and white silk there are many different types of slaves.

Slave types: include bath girls,camp slaves,coin girls,debtor slaves,exotics,house slaves,inn slaves,lure girls,passions slaves,pleasure slaves,state slaves,tavern girls,tower slaves,work slaves and many more,80 % of these slaves must sexually please their masters as part of their duties.The condition of slavery requires no overt sign of bondage.Such items are useful mostly for making property,the identity of owner and such.An uncollared,unbranded slave is still a slave.

Bath girls: are the kajira who serve at the public and private wear a chain and plate collar,the plate giving their name and cost.They aid men in the taking of their baths and are also available for sexual services.They wear towels with nothing beneath them.Their hair may be short to protect it from the water.Others wrap a long broad strap of glazed leather about their heads like a turban.Most are great swimmers and it is said they are more at ease in the water than a Cosian song fish.

Camp slaves: are owned by authorized Merchants,who hold contracts for certain seasons or campaigns.The girls are kept within the military camp and travel with it.The girls are rented out to the soldiers at fees that are stipulated in the contracts.The fees are fixed and almost normal.

Coin girl: is usually regarded as the lowest form of street slave.She is sent into the Streets at dusk with a chain on her neck.A bell is attached to her chain to call attention to her.She also carries a small,locked coin box.A man pays her price and places the coin into the box and may have his way with her.Satisfaction is guaranteed or you receive your money back from the master as the girl cannot get tothe coins in her box.Though the sexual skills of coin girls are commonly low,a few are actually quite skillful.Sometimes,privately owned girls are sent out as coin girls as a form of punishment.

Display slave: is a kajira whose primary purpose is for the display of her beauty to reflect the wealth and status of her master.She will often be chained in coffle with other display slaves behind the transport of her master.The master will often be seen in public with these girls to show everyone his property.

Feast slaves: are girls,usually rented in groups,to individuals or organizations for feasts,parties and other functions.

Flute girls: are able to play the single or double flute.They are rented out for parties and other functions.They will also commonly serve the pleasure of the quests.

Kettle-and-mat girls: is a slave whose function is divided between Household tasks and sexual servitude.It is considered a low form of slave.

Lure girl: is a slave who serves as bait for captains who need crewmen and masters of work gangs.The slave pretends to desire a man and distracs him while her owner and his men capture the unfortunate victim.

Message girl: is used to send secret messages.The girl,s head is first shaved and then a message is tattooed on her head.The girl is commonly illiterate.Her hair is allowed to grow back.She will then be sent to the person who is to receive the message.She is also usually given to the recipient to keep as well,later,her head will be shaved and the message read.A Physicain will then use needles to remove the message.

A pot girl: may be one of the lowest forms of slave.Her main function is cooking,cleaning and other menial tasks.The term is sometimes used as an insult as well.

Secret Slave: is a woman who is a slave but who most believe is free.Her true status is concealed by her master.This deception is difficult to maintain for a long time as the girl becomes more like a slave over time.It is also dangerous as Goreans do not like to be duped and they might take it out on the slave.In Magicians of Gor,Talena was made the secret slave of Tarl Cabot.Talena was Ubara of Ar at that point and Tarl permitted her to remain as such until he came to claim her one day.

State slaves: are owned by the city and they may tend the central kitchens,care for childeren,clean apartments,lauder clothes,ect.Some are used at state banquets to serve and entertain the quests.It is generally regarded asa slavery of great deprivation though they may sometimes be made available to male and guards.Because of this,state slaves often bring good prices when sold into the private sector.

Work slaves: include a variety of slaves such as pot girls,kettle-and-mat girls,laundresses stable sluts,cleaning slaves,mill slaves and more.Such slavery serves almost a penal function in some cases.These are generally considered the lowest of slaves.

Some slaves even have professional competencies like in law,medicine or scribe.They may have once belonged to that Castle.They thus possess skills in those areas though they are no longer considered members of the Castle.Many people frown upon slaves using such skills,especially where those skills may placed the slave in a position of power or trust.

Earth woman are considered natural slaves as they have no Home Stone.They have a reputation of being the lowest and hottest of slaves.They are generally considered barbarians because they know nothing of Gor,and must be trained even to speak Gorean.There are extremely few Earth girls who are ever freed on Gor.Both agents of the Priest-Kings and the Kurii make stops on Earth to obtain woman to become slaves.Raids by the Kurii have brought a lot of Earth woman to Gor in recent years.

By law,slaves are animals and their owner can do anything he or she wishes with them.Slaves are considered to be goods,property.They do not even own a name and cannot own any property.They may use goods but cannot possess them.In most cities,even the offspring of a slave is a slave and belongs to the mother,s owner.There are numerous laws preventing slaves from doing many things.

Slave breeding is carefully controlled and free men seldom have childeren with their slaves.In most breedings,a slave girl and kajirus are taken to a breeding cell or stall.They are both hooded to preclude any attachments and the slaves may not even speak.The coupling is observed by the master and any others in an official capacity.Only a small fraction of the breeding is carefully done by slave houses with a specific intent in mind.Some specially bred girls have a pedigreed lineage that extends back for twenty-five to thirty generations.The most commonly bred slaves are passion slaves and exotics.Passion slaves are woman who been bred for their beauty and sensuality.They typically only receive training as a pleasure slave.Exotics are kajirea specially bred for some unique quality,sometimes even bizarre ones.One such type is a girl who is bred to have poisonous saliva.Even some male slaves are bred Exotics.

Slave wine: is Gorean contraceptive,given to all slaves to protect them against conceiving.It is intentionally made to be bitter for slaves.The active ingrediƫnt in slave wine is sip root.Sip root,in its raw form,may be chewed as a contraceptive.The raw forms effect last for three to four months.The Red Savages in the Barrens use sip root in its raw form.One drink of slave wine lasts indefinitely,until a releaser is given.This was not Always the case.In the beginning of the Gor series,slave wine only lasted a month or so.But,medical technology advanced during the series and its effect are now indefinite.But out of tradition and to remind a girl she is a slave,it is usally given once or twice a year to her.The anidote is called breeding or second wine.It is a smooth and sweet drink.Its active ingredients is a derivative of the teslik plant.On Earth,slave wine would conquer the birth control market.

Almost every city and town has its own Street of Brands,either a street or a district which handles slave sales and items connected with slavery.The peak season for buying slaves is the spring and early summer.The greatest period for sales is the five days of the Fifth Passage Hand,also called in many cities the Love Feast.Slaves may be autioned or sold in private sales.Slavers are legally a subcaste of the Merchant Caste though they tend to consider themselves a separate caste.Their caste colors are blue and yellow.Yet,not all slavers belong to the Castle.People of almost any castle can engage in the business of slavery.The primary difference is that these people generally do not derive the major portion of their income from the business of slavery.

At slave autions,girls are sold on blocks where buyers may inspect them,tough them,have move and position themselves.Girls are Always sold naked though they might begin an auction clothed.During the auction,the clothes would be removed.This is done to entice the crowd and build exciement.It is said that only a fool buy a kajira clothed.By tradition,the blocks are wooden and rounded.Sawdust is usually sprinkled on their tops.In many slave houses,there are usually multiple blocks,one central block and a number of side blocks.The side blocks are commonly about three feet high and five feet in diameter.But it is a matter of prestige to be sold from thecentral block.Girls are seldom auctioned from the side blocks.Usually fixed prices are set,marked on their bodies with a grease pencil.It is a disparaging term to be called a side block girl similar to being called a pot girl.

Colored tags may be wired to the collars of girls at the auctions.White tags signify that a girl is being held for a prospective buyer.A red tag signifies the girl has been sold.A black tag signifies a girl is ill.A yellow tag signifies that a girl is not to be sold without prior consulation with the slaver.Some colored tags may also be corrlated to classes or grades of slaves.A brown tag may be on a low slave such as a female work slave,pot girl, and kettle and mat girl.A gold tag may be on a trained pleasure slave or dancer.There is no uniform color coding though and different houses have their own conventions.If is not cammon for slaves to be tagged in a regular market except for sold and holding tags.Tagging is most common in auctions.A sales disk bearing the girls lot number,is cammon so men can inspect the girls before the auction begins and decide who to bid for.Sold girls can also be marked by placing them in a white hood marked,sold or by writing sold in grease pencil on their left breasts.It is standard in marking girls to use grease pensil on that breast.

Block measurements are a girl measurements when she is sold by a slaver.Some slavers take very complete measurements including a girls,s height,structure of ear lobes,width and length of fingers and toes.width of heels,distance between nostrils ect.Most of these measurements are taken by a slave tape,that is marked in horts.Weights are taken on a grain or tarsk scale that is marked in stones.Finger and toe prints may also be taken.

Prices for slave girls varies according to the type of kajira,location of the market,time of year,and many other factors.Some generalizations can be made though please remember that these are not absolutes.The cheapest slaves are usually female work slaves purchased for public kitchens,laundries or mills.They are commanly sold in Multi-item lots.The next level are the male work slaves.Then come the girls who can used as a pleasure slave.The next level includes the male silk slaves.The highest level are special pleasure slaves,dancers or bred passion slaves.

Many kajirae are sold for copper tarsks.Alovely girl may often go for a silver tarsk.A silver tarsk is a very high price for a semitrained girl.An excellent page slave would generally go for one or three silvers.Fifteen silver tarsks would be the cost for a good dancer or a lesser girl in an Ubar,s pleasure gardens.The major auction house in Ar,the Curelean,is one of the most prestigious of slave markets.A girl there is seldom sold for less than two gold tarsk.Beautiful woman of High Caste might sell for thirty to fifty gold tarsk.The top price for a slave might be gotten for an Ubara or the daughter of an Ubar.She might bring 10000 gold tarns in a private sale.

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